What is pad printing?

Pad printing is an effective method for transferring an image or text onto three-dimensional surfaces. It is the preferred method for imprinting on stress balls, toys, mugs, and other promotional items with curved imprint areas.

We employ what is known as a sealed ink cup system, in which a recessed plate is covered with solvent-based ink. When the plate is wiped clean, the ink remains in the recessed area. A silicone pad then presses against the plate, pulls the ink out of the recesses, and is pressed directly against the product. The ink is exposed to a drying agent, usually a flash of UV light, which causes the ink to dry and stick to the product.

Different surface materials require different ink to ensure proper adhesion, and climate sometimes affects the drying process. This may create delays in rush orders as it is vital that all pad-imprinted items be completely dry before they are packed and shipped.