Golf Balls Buying Guide

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Why Buy Promotional Golf Balls?

When promoting your business and generating goodwill with clients and associates, custom golf balls are just the ticket and Deluxe has them, ready to be emblazoned with your logo.

The relationship between business and golf has become something of a cliche, but it makes perfect sense. Golf is a game that requires a certain length of time to play but also a certain amount of downtime between holes. Golf can be played by people of all ages and while it is physically demanding, it’s not taxing in the way that contact sports are. These conditions make golf the ideal game to mix with business meetings, as well as a great way for people in high-pressure jobs to relax and meditate. We also recommend personalized golf balls for use by resort hotels, country clubs, sporting-goods stores, and as the official balls for charity golf tournaments.

In most of these buying guides, we present the various options within that category of promotional item and list their pros and cons. We will not be doing that in this category, however, as the preferred brand of golf balls is based on a set of personal criteria for each golfer that we would not presume to replicate. We will say that Deluxe offers several major brands of golf balls, all of which take a silkscreened logo nicely, brands such as Callaway, Nike, Titleist, Top Flite, and Wilson.

Types of Presentation of Promotional Golf Balls

Once you’ve selected the brand of ball that satisfies your personal preference, we offer several different ways to package and present your personalized golf balls to customers, business associates, employees, and event participants.

Box of 12 Golf Balls

Basic but elegantly practical, a dozen custom golf balls silkscreened with your logo and repackaged in the original box makes a great no-nonsense corporate gift or presentation for a participant in a fundraising golf tournament.

Custom Golf Ball Packaging Sleeve

Corporate sponsors who want to make their mark on the box as well as the balls should look into this simple but effective promotional tool, a cardboard sleeve with a stock imprint and the option of printing a logo on four sides for maximum impact. Simply slip the sleeve over one end of a standard rectangular box of 12 balls.

2-Ball Business Card Pack

A nifty way to introduce yourself to a client who happens to be a golfer is a box of two customized balls with your business card inserted into the lid. This item also makes a good leave-behind for sales calls and is guaranteed to reinforce your card and make you memorable.

Par Pack

Another relatively inexpensive package for your promotional golf balls is a 3-pack in a clear plastic tube that offers visibility even when the balls are not in use.

Socks and Pouches

Another option to consider when presenting golf balls to clients or other end-users is the ever-handy golf ball sock or pouch, which hang on the outside of the golfer’s bag and provide quick and easy access to balls, tees, and markers, as well as easy visibility for your brand or logo.

How to Buy Promotional Golf Balls

The imprinting of golf balls is a relatively simple silkscreen process that leaves your logo looking smart against the white surface. It’s hard to make an unattractive personalized golf ball, and as a memorable promotional tool it’s very effective. It is, however, also very expensive, due to the cost of golf balls themselves and the minimum order quantity necessary to make silkscreening cost-effective.

It is therefore important to consider the minimum order quantity for custom golf balls and weigh the cost against your projected ROI. Promotional products in general offer the best ROI of any marketing medium, and the high perceived value of personalized golf balls makes this an especially good item for building relationships with clients, but make sure that your marketing budget will support a minimum and make sure that said minimum will meet your needs and the number of clients you wish to reach.

Ready to order some custom golf balls? Have a question about this product? Please contact us. We can take your order over the phone or answer any questions you may have.