Hand Sanitizer Buying Guide

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Why Buy Promotional Hand Sanitizer?

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and you can offer your customers that ounce of prevention (more or less) with promotional hand sanitizer.With millions of dollars in lost productivity in the workplace every year due to illness, maintaining good hygiene in public places is a universal concern for employers and employees alike. Not only is it a promotional item that will generate goodwill with your clients, it is guaranteed to get your brand seen with every use, exposing your business as you protect your customers.

Facts About Promotional Hand Sanitizer

  • Hand sanitizer has been widely accepted as an alternative to disinfecting with soap and water, even in hospitals.
  • All hand sanitizers on the market, including those sold by Deluxe, are FDA-approved.
  • Most of our selection of sanitizer is made with a solution that contains 62% alcohol as the primary disinfecting agent, which is perfectly safe for the skin. We also have an alcohol-free option where the disinfecting agent is benzalkonium chloride, the active ingredient in Bactine (TM) spray. All of our hand sanitizers’ ingredients are clearly listed on their labels.
  • In both cases the proper use is to dispense sufficient sanitizer to cover the hands and wrists and rub vigorously, including the nails, until the hands are dry, indicating that the active ingredient has evaporated.

Types Of Promotional Hand Sanitizer


Sanitizing gels disinfect and evaporate quickly and easily. Most contain alcohol, polyacrylic acid as a gelling agent, and plant-based oils such as aloe. The advantage of gels is that you can control the amount you use, and a relatively small amount is needed to disinfect both hands. Deluxe offers promotional hand sanitizer gel in bottles ranging from 0.5 oz to 2 oz, which may not seem like much, but like the old commercial says, “A little dab’ll do ya.” Hand sanitizer bottles fit nicely into a purse or pocket, and we also offer several bottles with carabiner clips for added convenience and accessibility. Most bottles take an adhesive label with a nice imprint area for your logo or graphics, and a few of the carabiner models have a neoprene sleeve which takes a logo nicely.

We also offer hand sanitizer gel in convenient foil packets that provide a square or rectangular imprint area for a brand or logo from edge to edge.


Hand sanitizer sprays work the same way gels do—rub hands until dry. The difference is that sprays dispense an alcohol-based disinfectant in liquid form, providing coverage in two or three squirts. The advantages to hand sanitizer spray are one-handed delivery and in most cases greater portability and ease of access. Our promotional hand sanitizer sprays range from 10 ml to 2 oz, and come in bottles and pen-shaped dispensers with pocket clips.

How To Buy Promotional Hand Sanitizer


As the formulas for our personalized hand sanitizers are more or less the same across the board, the primary consideration should be how you wish to integrate your logo or message. Most bottles and sprays take an adhesive label, which lends itself to 4-color or full-color graphics, while some are imprinted straight onto the bottle or neoprene sleeve, which may be preferable for simpler or 1-color logos.


Unlike most of the promotional items we offer, hand sanitizer is meant to be used up and then discarded. The upside of this is that while your customer has the bottle or spray-pen, he or she is using it often; the downside is that once the hand sanitizer is used up, the container—and your logo—ends up in the trash. We recommend, therefore, that you stock up on promotional hand sanitizer and distribute it widely, the idea being that if your bottles don’t stay in hands long, having them in more hands makes up for the short-lived exposure. Fortunately, our selection of hand sanitizer is relatively inexpensive, meaning that even with a disposable item your ROI should be impressive.

Ready to order some promotional hand sanitizer? Have a question about this product? Please contact us. We can take your order over the phone or answer any questions you may have.