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Looking for new opportunities is a must for any small business owner. Sometimes, handling your marketing efforts in your native language is one of the best ways to pursue those opportunities. Today, we’re excited to announce that our email marketing partner, VerticalResponse, has introduced a Spanish-language version of its industry-leading platform. Now, it’s easier than ever before for Spanish speakers to power their business’s email marketing programs.

A look at the numbers

A recent Census Bureau survey of business owners showed Hispanic-owned businesses numbering 3.3 million — nearly 12 percent of all U.S. businesses.

Additionally, from 2007 to 2012, the U.S. saw an impressive increase of 46.3 percent growth in Hispanic-owned businesses, higher than any other segment.

What’s even more impressive is that between 2007 and 2012, the number of Hispanic women-owned businesses increased from 800,000 to 1.5 million. That’s a growth rate of 87 percent, the largest expansion in women-owned businesses of any race or ethnic group. The National Women’s Business Council provided a breakout by heritage:



Deluxe is proud to support this extraordinary growth.

“With the increase in Hispanic-owned and operated businesses in the United States, it’s so encouraging to see marketing applications like VerticalResponse expanding their services to Spanish-language users,” said Dr. Ruben Guerra, Ph.D., Chairman and CEO of the Latin Business Association. “The Hispanic population is the largest ethnic minority in the U.S., and platforms that serve our communities, businesses and consumers are increasingly vital.”

Same great benefits

Business owners use VerticalResponse to reach more people in less time, taking advantage of powerful tools like automated follow-up emails. Users also improve their campaigns’ performance with the valuable subscriber insights provided by Advanced Reporting. And with VerticalResponse’s new email editor, business owners can save time creating emails and know, regardless of how their readers open them, that they’ll look great on any size screen.

Selecting Spanish and getting started

Whether you want to try VerticalResponse for the first time or you’re already a user, it’s easy to make Spanish your language of choice. From the Get Started or login page, select Spanish in the bottom right corner:

Once you’re in the application, create email campaigns in the Messages section with the lightning-fast email editor. Or use the Contacts section to manually enter contacts, upload a contact list and manage the contacts you already have.

All of Deluxe, including VerticalResponse, is excited to help more small businesses than ever before engage with their customers. The ability to quickly and easily create and send email campaigns, via an application that speaks your language, can mean the difference between meeting your goals and surpassing them.

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  Read in English | Leer en español Looking for new opportunities is a must for any small business owner. Sometimes, handling your marketing efforts in your native language is