We live in the world of “right now.” Smartphones let us find information right now. Virtually instantaneous delivery of every food imaginable lets you eat right now. At Deluxe, we’re giving business owners like yourself a payment option that lets you pay your bills — you guessed it — right now.

If you haven’t tried them yet, it’s time you said hello to Deluxe eChecks. Much like email did for correspondence, we’ve taken a tried and true payment method — the check — and made it emailable for instant delivery that gets payments where they need to go right now. Affordable, secure and simple, eChecks are the perfect addition to any organization’s payment process. Here are eight reasons why:

1. Save money

Every business, big or small, is constantly looking for ways to save money. By adding Deluxe eChecks to your payment process, you’ll save on the cost of postage, check stock, envelopes and the printer supplies it takes to send payments via paper checks.

2. Save time

Think about the time it takes to print a check, stuff it in an envelope and walk it to the mailbox. Now imagine clicking your mouse, and the payment is sent. That’s how easy it is with eChecks. Send from one to thousands of checks in just seconds — complete with remittance data — to anyone with an email address. That’s up to 70 percent faster than paying by traditional paper check.

3. Improve business relations

Your vendors, customers and clients all need to get paid. Offering them a faster way to receive their money is sure to keep you at the forefront of their minds for future business.

4. Remove payment uncertainty

Did they get your payment? Did it get lost in the mail? No need to wonder when you use eChecks. Because it’s all electronic, you’ll know exactly when they received your payment.

5. Control cash flow

As a small business, your cash flow can ebb and flow based on season, demand or any number of things out of your control. Because eChecks can be sent almost instantly, you don’t have to plan around the time it takes for postal delivery. That gives you better control over when you pay your bills — which means better control over funds coming in and going out.

6. Never run out of checks

Down to your last paper check? No problem. With eChecks, you’ll never run out because they can be ordered online and are immediately available.

7. Virtually eliminate check fraud

Because check fraud continues to be the most prominent form of payment fraud in America, we’ve taken the appropriate steps to ensure the security of your payments. Our eChecks boast state-of-the-art security features along with minimal contact points, virtually eliminating the chance of fraud. Deluxe eChecks are some of the most — if not the most — secure checks on the market today.

8. Make payments when you want, from wherever you are

Deluxe eChecks can be sent from your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone, meaning you’re able to make payments anytime, from anywhere. As long as you’re connected to the internet, you’re able to connect to your eChecks account.

In today’s electronic world, where “right now” is the norm, your vendors, suppliers and customers not only look for, but expect electronic options for being paid. Deluxe eChecks provide that option while offering your business an affordable, simple and secure payment method.

The safer way to send payments

Learn how to reduce financial fraud and increase peace of mind with Deluxe eChecks.

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