As a restauranteur, you understand the complications a big, bloated menu can cause for customers. It’s cumbersome, difficult to decipher and makes it hard for guests to determine if they’re really making the right entrée choice. In order to make things easier, you streamline your menu by putting the appetizers together and grouping the burgers, the chicken, desserts or drinks with like items. Once customers know where they are looking, it becomes easier to understand everything’s purpose and ultimately make the best meal choice.

Online directory listings can be confusing as well, especially when you’re trying to promote your restaurant. Like a big menu, there are plenty of choices to consider and it can be hard to see the role each one fills unless you can compare them side by side. To provide some clarity, let’s organize the directories as if they were components to a well-known restaurant staple – the hamburger.

Top 20 Places to List Your Restaurant

The bun

The bun of your hamburger provides the foundation, and the directories listed here should form the building blocks of any directory list. Google+, Bing, Yelp, Yahoo! and TripAdvisor are essential directories for any restaurant’s Web presence because of the sheer web traffic they capture. Before you waste time anywhere else, start your updates here.

The meat (or meatless if you prefer)

As the most desirable portion of any burger, the meat makes a fitting analogy for highly popular search directory sites like Allmenus, OpenTable and Zomato. These are the directories restaurant-goers turn to first, so make sure your online listing is updated and gives them plenty to sink their teeth into.

The toppings

There are hundreds of different burger toppings and eight directories and social networks that fill the role of this diverse section where tastes often differ. Citysearch, Citysquares, Foursquare,, MojoPages, 8coupons and MapQuest all fall into the toppings category as unique directories with a passionate following. This section is where you’ll also find Facebook. The social media giant seems large for a topping, but just think of it as the lettuce – it appears everywhere.

The cheese

Last but certainly not least is the cheese. When perfect coverage is essential, turn to directories like Yellow Pages,, Dex Knows and Whitepages. Pick the directory that best appeals to your restaurant or, better yet, update your information in all of them – because you can never have too much cheese.

Like a great burger, the perfect web presence has several components that all come together to make it fantastic, so don’t wait another minute. Start putting your restaurant in these popular online directories. And when the order’s up you’ll be ready!

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