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At its most basic level, marketing spreads the word about your business. That’s only the start, however.

Marketing informs current and potential customers about your business and how it serves their needs. Marketing makes sure your business remains in people’s minds after a transaction is over — and before they need you again. Marketing is a major factor in the reputation your business develops. And marketing sells, drawing attention to what you’re offering so that people can buy it.

The marketing tools you use to reach new customers, and to keep existing customers, depend on a variety of factors unique to your business and situation. But how do you know the right approach to take with your marketing? By building an impactful marketing strategy.

Create your marketing strategy

It’s easier than it sounds! To create a strategy, start by answering these questions:

What’s your mission as a business?

What gets you excited to wake up and come to work every day?

What are your business goals?

Think about where you want your business to be in three to five years. Is there anything you could start doing now to get there?

Who is your target customer?

In other words, describe the person who is most likely to love your products or services. What do they care about? What motivates them? What common personality traits do the majority of your customers share?

Who are your competitors?

What advantages do they have that your business does not have? What are they doing that’s the same or different from what your business does?

What problem do you solve for your customers?

This goes beyond what products or services you sell, although that’s an important part. But what is it that your business does that leaves your customers smiling? What saves them time or money, or fixes an issue for them?

What is your unique selling proposition?

In other words, why should a customer choose you over a competitor? This is what makes your business stand out. What can you offer that no other business can?

We’ll walk you through the process

Our free marketing strategy worksheet guides you through the process of creating a strategy. By answering the questions above, along with a few more, you’ll lay the groundwork for how your marketing will work and what it will focus on. Download the free worksheet today, and add your answers step by step. Revise it as much as necessary. When it’s complete, you’ll have a solid marketing foundation to work with. Happy planning!

Create your marketing strategy in minutes

Just answer a few questions about your business, customers and goals. Our free worksheet guides you step by step.

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