Lindsey Bakken

Content Creator, Deluxe Corp.

Lindsey loves using words to reach people. She believes every business has a story worth telling; the key is to make customers hear it, connect with it and come back for more. Lindsey holds a B.S. in marketing from the University of Minnesota, with a minor in creative writing. She loves using creativity and logic to position businesses and brands in a way that provides customers the best experience possible.

Kim Bartmann

Restaurateur, Bartmann Group

Kim Bartmann is a James Beard-nominated restaurateur who leads seven eateries in Minneapolis. A pioneer in opening restaurants with a focus on sustainability, Bartmann’s businesses are successful at bringing a mid-priced, neighborhood feel to the greater Twin Cities community.

Amanda Brinkman

Amanda Brinkman

Chief Brand and Communications Officer, Deluxe Corp.

Amanda Brinkman is Chief Brand and Communications Officer at Deluxe. She is a revolutionary brand marketer, passionate speaker and the creator, producer and co-host of the acclaimed “Small Business Revolution – Main Street” series. Amanda has worked at top advertising agencies including Fallon, Cohn & Wolfe London and McCann. She worked on campaigns for more than a dozen brands such as Virgin Mobile, Reebok, NYSE, Colgate-Palmolive, H&R Block and BMW. She then carved out a niche as an “intrapreneur,” cultivating creativity from the inside out at General Mills, Allianz and UnitedHealth Group.

Pete Dupuis

Owner, Cressey Sports Performance

Pete Dupuis owns Cressey Sports Performance in Massachusetts. With an MBA from Babson College and a decade of experience, he has an appreciation for the harsh realities that come with managing and operating a fitness facility. As a self-proclaimed “business guy” Pete likes to think he brings a unique perspective to the table while helping others with their facilities.

Cono Fusco

Creative Director, Logo Product Development, Deluxe Corp.

Cono founded in 1992 in his parents’ basement. By 2000, he was one of the largest online logo creators, and in 2008 he integrated LogoMojo with Deluxe. With over 25 years of design and branding experience, Cono has helped launch over 80,000 brands worldwide — everything from business startups to Hollywood celebrities. Today Cono runs the Logo Product division at Deluxe Small Business Services.

Julie Gordon

Director of Marketing Partnerships, Deluxe Corp.

Julie Gordon is Director of Marketing Partnerships at Deluxe. Her online and offline marketing expertise covers a 25-year career with stints at Schwan’s, Fingerhut, Northern Tool and Equipment and most recently, Deluxe Corp. Her real passion? Being part of the Small Business Revolution team, traveling to communities to help small business owners overcome their biggest marketing challenges.

John Habib

John Habib

Managing Editor, Deluxe Corp.

John has spent nearly 20 years creating engaging content for businesses of every size and variety. His hands-on experience working at multiple small businesses has given him unique insights into the challenges and pain points facing today’s entrepreneurs and their employees. John holds a bachelor’s degree in English from The Ohio State University. At Deluxe, he serves as Managing Editor.

Eric Hagen

UX Visual Designer, Deluxe Corp.

Eric Hagen is a UX Visual Designer at Deluxe. He has more than 15 years’ experience in the field supporting small and large business online strategy. He also spent a decade working in web design. Eric has a degree in Graphic Design.

Amber Humphrey

Amber Humphrey

Content Creator, Deluxe Corp.

Amber Humphrey has ten years’ experience writing for online audiences. At Deluxe, she creates content that helps small businesses market and promote their products and services online. Before joining Deluxe, Amber was a tech columnist for Rookie, reporting on digital trends and writing educational content for the magazine’s teenage readers. Amber has a master of fine arts from the University of San Francisco and bachelor’s from Northwestern University.

Ashley Kimlinger

Director of Enterprise Brand Management, Deluxe Corp.

Ashley has a background in communications and graphic design, and a passion for brands that communicate beautifully. Since joining Deluxe as Director of Enterprise Brand Management, Ashley has managed re-branding efforts across Deluxe. She has been a key strategist on the Small Business Revolution campaign, a true experiment in content marketing. This work has included everything from creative direction to website strategy to content creation. Prior to Deluxe, she worked at Allianz Life helping employees communicate their brand story through beautiful (and effective) presentations. Early in her career, she honed her skills at a design studio working on brands such as United Healthcare, Optum, Thrivent Financial and Nestle Nutrition.

Carrie Kwapick-Nasvik

Product & Brand Manager, Deluxe Corp.

Carrie has been the Product & Brand Manager for retail packaging at Deluxe Corp. for more than six years. She sits on the board for The Retail Packaging Association, and she is passionate about helping small businesses bring their retail packaging visions to life. Carrie is a Minnesota native and holds a bachelor’s degree in marketing from the University of Minnesota, Duluth, and an MBA from Hamline University.

Bogi Lateiner

Owner, 180 Degrees Automotive

A master mechanic and owner of 180 Degrees Automotive in Phoenix, Arizona, Bogi Lateiner’s passion for cars started at an early age, but it wasn’t until after college that she decided to pursue that passion and begin her career as a mechanic. Now, the host of All Girls Garage and owner of an award-winning, almost-exclusively female-run auto repair shop, she likes to spend her free time helping others succeed in the industry.

Sonia Mansfield

Content Marketing Manager, Deluxe Corp.

Sonia has been writing helpful and fun content for small business owners and nonprofits for nearly 10 years. She moved to Deluxe’s Content Experience team after working as the Content Marketing Manager for PsPrint, an online printing company owned by Deluxe. Thanks to her experience at PsPrint, Sonia has a wealth of insights about how businesses can leverage print marketing to grow their brands. Sonia holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism from California State University, Chico.

Kathy McGovern

Kathy McGovern

Director of Product Marketing, Deluxe Corp.

Kathy McGovern is Director of Product Marketing at Deluxe. She has more than 10 years’ experience in marketing online services to small businesses. She loves helping small businesses succeed, focusing primarily on websites, domains, hosting, email marketing and online advertising. Kathy is a California native and attended the University of California, Irvine and received a BA in Economics and MBA.

Brian Morris

Content Creator, Deluxe Corp.

Brian specializes in developing value-added content that influences customer behavior for growing businesses. His work for Deluxe has appeared on the Small Business Resource Center as well as the VerticalResponse and PsPrint blogs. Additionally, Brian has been referenced by major publications including CNET, MarketWatch and Reader’s Digest.

Andrew Niekamp

UI Design Manager, Deluxe Corp.

Andrew Niekamp has more than 15 years of experience designing online user interfaces for businesses both small and large. In his role as UI Design Manager, he designs websites that are useful, beautiful, and easy to use for their intended audiences. Andrew holds a degree in Mass Communications.

Cameron Potts

VP of Public Relations, Deluxe Corp.

Cameron Potts has more than 20 years of experience as a journalist, communications director, marketing director and public relations professional in the health care and public affairs fields. Prior to joining Deluxe as VP of Publish Relations, he was a leader in the Weber Shandwick Minneapolis, one of the largest PR firms in the country. Cameron has a deep background in public relations, social media and community engagement, working on marketing and grassroots development programs for a number of businesses.

Lynne Robertson

CEO and Owner, Fame Retail

A marketing provocateur cross-trained in the discipline of brand development and the rigor of retail promotion, Lynne is the CEO/Owner of FAME. Among other accomplishments, she has orchestrated hundreds of national campaigns for blue chip, retail and packaged goods marketers including Target, Dreamworks, IMG, General Mills and Time Warner.

Paul Stainton

Paul Stainton

Director of Online Marketing, Deluxe Corp.

Paul Stainton is Director of Online Marketing at Deluxe. Paul has more than 18 years of online marketing management experience, ranging from Paid Search to Affiliate Management to eCommerce Development and online branding. Born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Paul has brought his digital knowledge to such online entities as,,,,, and

Deborah Sweeney

Vice President & General Mananager of Business Registration Services, Deluxe Corp.

Deborah Sweeney was previously the CEO of MyCorporation, which provides online legal filing services for entrepreneurs and businesses, startup bundles that include corporation and LLC formation, registered agent services, DBAs, and trademark and copyright filing services. Find MyCorporation on Twitter at @MyCorporation.

Kyle Thornock

Senior Designer, Deluxe Corp.

Kyle has over eight years of professional design and online marketing experience. In his role as Senior Designer, he creates engaging infographics, interactive eBooks and more for the Deluxe Small Business Resource Center. He also makes many design contributions to, and Kyle holds a bachelor’s degree in fine arts from Utah State University, with an emphasis in graphic design.