Born and raised in Bristol Borough, Pennsylvania, Chef Robert Angelaccio moved back to his hometown after 25 years owning and operating a successful Italian restaurant in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Wanting to spend more time with family, Robert opened Annabella’s in 2003, bringing his passion for Old World cuisine back to the community where he was raised. Robert and his wife, Alison, take pride in making every dining experience memorable.

“Italian families are very close, so I want our customers to feel like they’re coming to my home to eat,” Robert says.

Nestled in Bristol’s historic corridor, Annabella’s is perfectly situated just steps from the popular Bristol Riverside Theatre. When a play hits the main stage, Annabella’s is bustling, but in between productions, the restaurant is often empty. While the Angelaccios weathered several tough years after the economic downturn, they are still scrambling for ideas to bring consistency to the business, and to pack the dining room every night.

Deluxe realized there was a big opportunity on the table for Annabella’s to connect with would-be guests online. The Deluxe team outlined a plan to rebuild Annabella’s current website with a mobile-first approach and the right amount of pages to showcase the restaurant, while shoring up its brand and social media presence with a food-oriented strategy.

Refreshing Annabella’s appearance across the web and in print

After an initial conversation with Robert and Alison, the Deluxe team began work to address the restaurant’s appearance both online and offline. First impressions are everything, especially in the restaurant industry where diners evaluate and make decisions within seconds. From branding to web design, Deluxe aimed hard to convey the very essence of the Annabella’s dining experience.

Designing a new logo (and new name)

When Robert opened the restaurant, he affectionately named it after his mother, Annabel. Knowing how important it was to preserve his family’s strong Italian heritage, Deluxe suggested the existing logo needed a refresh to better showcase the high-quality food that diners in Bristol have come to appreciate.

Old logo:

New logo:

The Angelaccios loved how the new logo felt more modern yet still maintained character, and welcomed the slight name change — now Annabella’s.

Extending the new brand

Once the new logo was approved, the design team at Deluxe extended Annabella’s brand across every customer touchpoint possible.

The redesigned dinner menu helps diners navigate options easily, while the dessert menu offers upsell opportunities for the wait staff.

Chef jackets and waitstaff shirts showcase the new logo and add a more polished look.

Redesigned retail packaging adds branding opportunities to takeout orders and leftovers.

Drinkware offers an additional revenue stream and extends branding opportunities.

Building a mobile-friendly site to increase reservations

Since eight out of 10 people seeking dining options research more than one restaurant, it was imperative that Deluxe build an appetizing website for Annabella’s that was easy to navigate and shined on mobile devices. While the old website showcased food images, the menu appeared in a format that did not render well on mobile or in search results — a big issue, given that 62 percent of diners are less likely to choose a restaurant if they can’t see the menu on their phones. Furthermore, the menu did not contain the information that search engines needed to showcase Annabella’s to searchers looking for specific dishes.

Old website homepage:

Old website menu page:

New website homepage:

The new homepage mirrors the restaurant’s quality and allows diners to easily click to call for reservations.

New website menu page:

The new menu page features beautiful food images, and is mobile-friendly for all types of screens.

The Hours & Special Events page connects visitors to highly sought information, including hours, location and theater night dining tips.

Listing Annabella’s in search engines, directories and social media

Just as important as having a mobile-friendly site is ensuring one’s business appears in popular online listings such as Google, TripAdvisor, Yelp and Facebook. Because 40 percent of people conduct “near me” searches on their mobile phones, and 78 percent of people search for specific cuisine, Deluxe helped Annabella’s claim and optimize their listings in top online directories to connect them with diners.

Google My Business is vital to getting found locally. Deluxe optimized Annabella’s Google listing by adding correct website and menu URLs, updating the hours, correcting the map marker, adding photos and updating the restaurant’s name.

Google listing (before):

Google listing (after):

Yelp is renowned for its restaurant reviews. Deluxe stepped in to help Annabella’s optimize its content with a corrected menu link, additional food photos, the website address, mentions of outdoor seating and parking options, and the restaurant’s history.

Yelp listing (before):

Yelp listing (after):

Trip Advisor offers businesses more opportunities to get found in towns catering to tourists and business travelers. With the completion of the new Bristol day docks on the Delaware River, and the thousands of visitors attending shows at the nearby theater, TripAdvisor was a natural spot for Annabella’s to be featured. Deluxe helped the restaurant claim and optimize their business listing. After these updates, Annabella’s has moved from No. 16 to No. 7 for restaurants in Bristol.

Trip Advisor listing (before):

Trip Advisor listing (after):

Social media profiles

Deluxe also helped Annabella’s ramp up their social media presence, tapping into yet another opportunity to connect with current and potential customers. In addition to hands-on social media training, Deluxe shared best practices on how to take attractive food pictures using an iPhone, helping increase fan engagement and bolstering Annabella’s reputation for delicious cuisine.

Annabella’s Facebook page features cleaner images.

The new Instagram Page highlights mouthwatering food photography.

The results

One month after all the marketing changes were implemented, Annabella’s was seeing more consistent crowds throughout the week. Nearly 90 percent of diners who discovered Annabella’s website arrived by searching for local restaurants, suggesting the establishment was being introduced to a new audience. The website’s mobile-friendly menu page was capturing nearly 50 percent of all website traffic, and visitors were spending two minutes on average reviewing dining options.

The owners say that business has certainly increased: The sales numbers have been exceeding the traffic the restaurant enjoyed when it first opened.

“The new website is just fabulous and has already made a big difference,” says Alison.

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