Oakdale Collision Don and Michelle

When Michelle and Don Juen took over the family business, they knew building a professional website would be one of their priorities.  “I started thinking about a new website the first day we took over the business,” said Michelle. “Since Don and I don’t know a whole lot about the Internet, we knew we needed to hire a professional,” she added.

With the help of our web team at Deluxe, the Juen’s quickly established themselves online with not only an effective website, but a complete web strategy.  Five main pieces to their online puzzle were built in order to connect their auto business to as many people searching online for the types of services they offer, including:

1. Custom Logo Design

Making a professional first impression is crucial for businesses in the automotive industry.  Most consumers develop an opinion about one’s business within the first 5 seconds after landing on their website.  Having a custom logo is one way to reflect your business’s credibility and stay memorable.

Oakdale Collision Center Logo

2. Professionally Designed, Mobile-Friendly Website

Michelle and Don wanted a website that showcased their commitment to the environment, specifically their use of waterborne paint. They also wanted their contact information easy to find and mobile-friendly for those situations where drivers needed a quick click-to-call button.

Oakdale Collision Website Across Electronic Devices Image

To learn more about building out your company’s web presence, please contact one of our web experts at Deluxe.

Auto Shop Website Design3. Business Listing on Major Search Engines

In addition to building the Juen’s website, our web team also spent time on their Google, Bing and Yahoo! business listings.  Oakdale Collision is now better prepared to connect to people searching locally for body shops, dent repair,glass replacement and general auto repair since Deluxe optimized their category listing to include the popular services offered at the shop. Map location, photos, hours and phone and email contacts were also added to help potential customers quickly find the information they need.

Google Listing 

Oakdale Collision Center Google Listing Image

Photo and Business Information within Google Listing

Oakdale Collision Google Listing Image

Categories within Google Listing

Oakdale Collision Category Listing

4. Business Listing on Popular Directories

Knowing that local directories are highly influential in Google search results, our web team insured Oakdale Collision’s business information was listed and verified on popular directories like Yelp, SuperPages and Citysearch. Having accurate location information is essential for both people searching online, as well as convincing search engines like Google that your business is legitimate.

Oakdale Collision Yelp Listing Image

5. Social Media Presence

One final key piece to Michelle and Don’s online presence was building out their business Facebook Page. As social networks continue to grow in popularity, they also continue to be where friends, family and colleagues get recommendations from those in their social circles. Oakdale Collision’s Facebook Page is a great place for their happy customers to leave satisfied review ratings. Check out their 5-star status!

Oakdale Collision Center Facebook Page Image

The results? Oakdale Collision Center has a stead busy, filling their shop with customers who found them on the web. “We asked our customers how they found us, before and after our new website was built,” said Michelle. “Now, they say ‘oh, I found you through Google or I found your website or your mobile site.’ We didn’t get that before – it was mostly drive-bys,” she added.

To learn more about building out your company’s web presence, please contact one of our web experts at Deluxe.

 Auto Shop Website Design

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