For 30 years, former Philadelphia school teacher Ramona Jones has devoted herself to nurturing young minds. She is the owner and chief educational officer of Discover Learn & Grow, a recently established preschool that provides affordable education and child care in Bristol Borough, Pennsylvania. Success for Ramona and her early learning center is dependent upon connecting with families in the community and encouraging them to enroll. But because Discover Learn & Grow is a relatively new business, Ramona and her staff have struggled to generate awareness.

“It’s kind of hard being new to the community,” says Discover Learn & Grow Director Marcelous Jones, who is also Ramona’s son. “A lot of people don’t know that we’re here. So getting our name out there, letting people know what we do, what services we offer and just building that trust with the community is one big challenge.”

A business’s website is often the first touchpoint that potential clients have with a business. To attract new customers, it’s critical for the website to articulate the organization’s mission and inspire confidence in its services. To reach more local families and promote their business, it was clear that Discover Learn & Grow would have to completely revamp their website.

Establishing value

After researching the way that families search for preschools and child care services online, Deluxe determined that early childhood education is a high-investment choice. From the safety of the facility, to the quality of the instruction, there are many factors that families consider and research before they feel comfortable committing to a child care program. This meant that Discover Learn & Grow’s website needed robust content that addressed the questions and concerns that parents have.

The original website did provide some information about the center’s program, but that content need to be expanded upon. The new website has specific pages — including a Q&A section and a Health and Safety page — that address many of the common concerns that parents have. Scannable bullet points were used to make that information easier to digest. And to give families a solid understanding of what they could expect from the program, a schedule describing a typical day at the center was included.

The research that Deluxe conducted also showed that local families were using the terms “preschool” and “daycare” interchangeably. To capitalize on all that search engine demand, they decided to incorporate both terms in the text of the website and explain the difference between daycare and preschool.

All of the new content communicates Discover Learn & Grow’s approach to child care and provides visitors with the facts that they need to make an informed decision about whether or not to enroll their child.

Website before:

Old about page was a wall of text

Website after:

new about page focuses on the teachers, and showcases safety as an important factor

Building trust

While establishing trust was certainly a concern for the Joneses, there wasn’t any content on the website that was specifically designed to inspire trust from families. The redesigned website includes testimonials, in-depth staff bios and a list of certifications, and it mentions a few awards the business has won. All of these elements communicate professionalism and build trust in an authentic way.

new page also showcases trust from within the communitywith reviews

Making a memorable first impression

Discover Learn & Grow’s original homepage failed to entice families to reach out to Ramona. When landing on the site, visitors were greeted with an image of a nondescript building and text that was difficult to read. Overall, it wasn’t an accurate representation of Discover Learn & Grow’s mission or the joy and spirit that the staff brings to the center.

The marketing team at Deluxe understood that Ramona herself, her experience, the passion she has for education and her energy were all great assets to the business, and decided to put her front and center in the homepage’s hero image.

Website before:

Discover Learn & Grow old website

Website after:

Discover learn and grow new website showcases bright colors and images of teachers with children

The image of Ramona, as well as all other photos, fonts, words and colors used throughout the website were designed to be readable, vibrant and to demonstrate that Discover Learn & Grow is a nurturing, fun environment for children.

Guiding visitors to take action

Discover Learn & Grow’s old website had a contact page with the center’s physical address, phone number and email address. But the redesign took this a step further. The primary call to action for this website is to encourage families to visit the center. So, instead of a single contact page, Deluxe included a “Schedule a Visit” button on most pages, and a “Schedule a Visit” link in the header.

A business website should encourage visitors to make contact. The new Discover Learn & Grow website provides visitors with multiple opportunities to connect with the business, as they make their way through the website and learn more about the services. The copy that accompanies the CTAs is lively, compelling and designed to spur visitors into action.

Contact form before:

old contact page us page had hard to read text

“Contact us” call to action after:

A website can generate leads and bring in more walk-in customers. But to experience those benefits, that website must be thoughtfully and strategically designed to appeal to a business’s target audience. Discover Learn & Grow’s new website makes a strong first impression and has become a powerful tool in promoting the center’s services and achieving its most important goal: Empowering young people to become productive citizens.

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