Preschool enrollment soars with search engine marketing


Search Engine Marketing Case Study: Child care center connects with families online


For more than 25 years, former Philadelphia school teacher Ramona Jones has devoted herself to shaping young minds. Driven by her dream to bring affordable, quality education to the children in the community, Ramona and her son opened a preschool in 2016.

Ramona Jones

We truly believe that by helping one child and one family, we can ultimately help an entire community.

Ramona Jones
Discover, Learn & Grow

The situation

As one of the newest businesses in Bristol Borough, Pennsylvania, preschool Discover, Learn & Grow needed to get noticed by the neighbors. Ramona and her son, Marcelous, were already providing some of the neighborhood children with a safe place to learn and develop. But to keep their preschool open, they needed to enroll 22 full-time students. They partnered with Deluxe to get the word out, build trust in the community and boost enrollment.

The plan

The team from Deluxe outlined a search engine marketing plan to make Discover, Learn & Grow stand out from the competition and attract local families searching online for a preschool.

The process

Research shows that families do extensive online research to find a reputable preschool with a qualified, caring staff. With a new, optimized website, Ramona and Marcelous would have a huge opportunity to build trust and show parents that Discover, Learn & Grow would meet their childcare needs.

Building credibility and trust

The search engine optimization (SEO) experts from Deluxe conducted extensive research about how families explore child care centers online. They found searchers were most interested in these topics:

  • Pricing (38,000 average monthly searches)
  • Types of programs (15,000 average monthly searches)
  • Education and curriculum (3,500 average monthly searches)
  • Health and safety (1,400 average monthly searches)

Based on their findings, the SEO experts recommended that the Center’s website be structured to prominently feature this information.

Ramona Jones SEO optimizations

The new website includes a page dedicated to health and safety. The page addresses everything from food and transportation to security and sanitation. And important topics like Programs, Services, Hours and Pricing, are easy to find.

The SEO experts from Deluxe pointed out that testimonials could create a sense of trust and make the new site more likely to rank higher in search results. So, the website now features testimonials from parents of children at the preschool.

Ramona Jones SEO optimizations

Getting noticed by the neighbors

It was crucial to attract the attention of families in the community, so the SEO experts added local-specific content to the website. For example, they added the preschool’s name, address and phone number to every page on the site. When local families search for a preschool “in Bristol, Pennsylvania” or “near them” Discover, Learn & Grow shows up in the search results.

The research also showed that local families were using the terms “preschool” and “daycare” interchangeably. To capitalize on all that search engine demand, they decided to incorporate both terms in the text of the website and explain the difference.

Discover, Learn & Grow is all about community engagement: the owners regularly host children’s birthday parties. The SEO experts from Deluxe infused the website with language that cultivates a sense of community. They also optimized the site’s “Host a Party” page, so it would show up when people in the area were searching for birthday parties.

A comprehensive preschool resource for parents

To reach parents researching childcare, the SEO team from Deluxe recommended adding a comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions section to the website. The page is a helpful resource that gives families a reason to return to the website again and again.

The results

Since launching a refreshed search-engine-friendly website, Discover, Learn & Grow has attracted plenty of attention. Eighty five percent of visitors to the website are new, suggesting the business is connecting to new clients. The website has become a helpful and appreciated resource that’s enticing families to schedule a visit to the center. Today, the center has exceeded its enrollment goal.

“We are at capacity and are looking to expand to a second facility!” said Ramona.

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