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2018 Continuous W-2 Self-Mailer, One-Wide

Item#: Size:
Quantity 25 50 100 150 200
TF7144-4  4-Parts/Quadruplicate $58.99 $76.99 $96.99 $128.99 $158.99
TF7144-5  4-Parts/Quadruplicate $50.99 $59.99 $77.99 $100.99 $117.99
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Benefits and Features

Save time! Pre-sealed confidential envelope with recipient's copy enclosed makes it easy. Just print, stamp and mail!
Ideal for any business! Simply order according to the number of employees. Meets all government and IRS filing requirements.

  • Use to Report:

    Wages, tips and other compensation.
  • Convenient:

    One pass prints all copies and addresses envelope.
  • Printer Compatibility:

    Not recommended for high speed printers.
  • Paper Filing Due Date:

    To IRS, Last Day of February // To Recipient January 31st.