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9 1/2x15" Dual Pocket Deposit Bag, Clear Front, Opaque Back

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Benefits and Features

Make after-hours deposits and protect them from theft with heavy duty bags that meet all Federal Reserve guidelines! Ultra-level, tamper-evident closure provides the highest degree of security to protect against theft and alteration.
Dual pockets keep cash and checks separate. Use a Security Bag Endorsement Stamp (D2037) to imprint your name/banking information easily and accurately. Clear front provides an easy view of the bag's contents.
Fold it in half and the opaque back hides contents while in transit.

  • Stronger Material:

    We've updated these best-selling deposit bags with stronger yet thinner plastic and a new look.
  • New Ultra-level Tamper-Evident Closure:

    Indicates our highest degree of security against all mechanical (hand-pulling), chemical (solvents), thermal (hot air and freezer spray) and moisture tampering attempts.
  • Easy-to-Understand Pictorial Instuctions:

    Increase deposit accuracy and reduce banking transaction fees.
  • Dual Pocket High Security Deposit Bags:

    Made from #4 recyclable plastic with clear front to view contents and opaque back to hide contents. Top-over-bottom pockets separate cash from checks.
  • Unique Barcoding and Numbering:

    Located on bag and receipt; make processing easier while reducing risk of errors.
  • Tracking Receipt:

    Use release liner receipt for convenient tracking and deposit identification.
  • Use with Security Bag Endorsement Stamp (D2037):

    To imprint your name and banking information; eliminates the need to mark every bag by hand which may lead to processing errors.