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Contractor Business Forms - Business Starter Kit

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CONKIT $113.99

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Benefits and Features It’s all here! From proposal forms to change orders, this 425-piece kit has all the essentials to help you build and run your contracting business. Save time and money with these proven and popular forms.

Kit comes with (50) #GEN0118-3 Proposals; (50) #CON0209-3 Job Invoices; (50) #GEN6544-3 Work Order/Invoices; (50) #CON0271-3 Change Orders; (125) #58167-1 Service Labels; (100) #771 Du-O-Vue Envelopes. This kit can help you:

  • Get the details. Classic-format proposal forms provide space for all aspects of your project, including itemized costs, job specs and payment schedule.
  • Send accurate invoices. Itemize work completed, materials, labor, unit and total pricing, using up to 22 lines.
  • Simplify paperwork. Handle three tasks with one large format, carbonless form. Includes work order, cost record, and invoice.
  • Manage relationships. Carbonless change orders let you prevent work delays and misunderstandings. Includes authorized customer signature line.
  • Protect private information. Double window envelope clearly shows return and destination addresses and keeps confidential information from showing through.
  • Get repeat business. With silver poly film "Call for Service" labels, customers will always know where to find your phone number.