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Deluxe High Security 3-On-A-Page Salary Payroll Check

Item#: 53230HS Size: 12 15/16 x 9"
Quantity 250 500 1000 2500 3000
53230HS-1  1-Part/Original $133.99 $171.99 $340.99 $666.99 $773.99
53230HS-2  2-Parts/Duplicate $207.99 $287.99 $508.99 $1,101.99 $1,302.99
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Benefits and Features

Deluxe High Security Checks are the most secure checks available and trusted by 7,000 financial institutions nationwide.

  • Anti-Copy Technology:

    Deluxe High Security Checks are made with technology to prevent most copiers from creating a usable copy.
  • Safety Hologram:

    Multi-dimensional foil seal hot stamped to check stock cannot be photocopied.
  • Visible Security Features:

    Heat-sensitive ink, visible embedded fibers, chemical-wash detection area and true watermark.
  • Built-in Check Security:

    Chemically sensitive paper, microprint border, invisible fluorescent fibers, erasure protection, security screen & warning box.
  • Manage Transactions:

    This versatile check documents payroll deductions for salaried employees and is also suitable for general disbursements.
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