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Deposit Supplies Starter Kit w/ Dual Pocket Bags

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DEPKIT2 $74.99

Benefits and Features

Make deposits like a pro! Our Deposit Starter Kit includes the banking essentials for proper deposit management.
Each starter kit includes 150 deposit slips, 100 dual-pocket deposit bags and an endorsement stamp.

  • Deposit slips:

    Personalized deposit slips preprinted with your company name, address and bank account number save time and help avoid errors.
  • Security deposit bags:

    Clear, 9.5" x 15" dual-pocket deposit bags keep cash and checks separate and helps protect them from theft.
  • Endorsement stamp:

    Speed up your banking and avoid mistakes by endorsing checks with a pre-inked stamp that imprints your company name and bank account number in the format most widely accepted by financial institutions.