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Digital Payments - Print+Mail


$. /$. per digital payment

Send payments from Deluxe Payment Exchange with Print + Mail:
  • High security paper checks are printed and mailed, same day, on your behalf
  • All-inclusive pricing: check, envelope and stamp-no hidden fees!
  • A fraction of the time and expense of mailing checks
  • No change to payee experience
No additional costs. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
Quantity 20 40 100 200 400
Price $30.00 $55.00 $125.00 $245.00 $480.00
Each $1.50 $1.38 $1.25 $1.23 $1.20

One click we'll Print +Mail secure paper checks for you!

See How Print + Mail Works!
1. Connect
Get started by providing your bank account information, then follow instructions in confirmation email to finish set up
2. Send
Send a payment from the Deluxe Payment Exchange (DPX) platform linked to your bank account
3. Receive
A high-security paper check is automatically generated from our secure processing facility and mailed to your recipients the same day.

Why Print+Mail?

  • Streamline your payment process and save time and money
  • Dramatically slashes the administrative time compared to traditional check processes
  • Perfect for those receivers who don't have an email or prefer a paper check

Did you know? Our File Import Enhancement allows you to mix digital and physical checks in one batch run!

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Compare your Digital Payment Options

We (Re)Invented Checking. Again.

For more than 100 years, Deluxe has been a leader in secure business payments. With the addition of eChecks and now Print+Mail, you have two new ways to get payments to anyone, via mailbox or inbox

Paper Checks
Print + Mail icon

Traditional payments you write and mail yourself.

No change to your routine, you're in charge of everything.

Time consuming and costly to keep needed supplies on hand.

Print + MailPM
(savings of $70*)

One click and we'll Print+Mail secure paper checks for you.

A fraction of the time and expense of mailing checks.

No change to payee experience – they still receive a paper check.

Print Mail EChecks
(savings of $100*)

Instantly email legal checks to anyone with an email address.

No need for mailing address or bank routing numbers.

Checks can be deposited at any bank or via mobile apps.

*Based on 40 business checks per month
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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If, within 60 days, you're not completely satisfied with Deluxe Payment Exchange, Deluxe will refund the unused portion of your eChecks order.
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