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Federal/State Poster Combo Pak

Item#: Size: Size varies by State
Quantity 1 5 10 15 20
8972 $96.99 $451.99 $864.99 $1,282.99 $1,683.99

*You may order any quantity in denominations of 1 .
Please call 1-800-865-1913 for quantities over 1000 .



Benefits and Features

Comply with both Federal and State laws and keep employees informed! Full color labor law posters display the required notices in an easy-to-read format. Includes new FMLA posting, mandatory for FMLA-covered employers by 3/8/13, including all public employers and private employers with 50+ employees.

  • Poster dimensions:

    Poster dimensions: State posters are 24” wide and length varies by state (between 24” and 39.5”). Federal poster: 24” x 32 ¾.”
  • Posters include mandatory postings.

    Each state poster contains all the mandatory posting requirements an employer needs to be compliant with state regulations. Postings vary depending on each state’s requirements.
  • State specific postings included.

    State specific postings included. Individual postings also may be included depending on specific state requirements. For example, No Smoking, Workers’ Compensation, public sector postings
  • Durable labor law posters.

    Our labor law posters are laminated for long term use.