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High Security Bundle Pen and Stamp

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High Security Bundle Pen and StampHSKB3
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HSKB3 $25.99

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Product Benefits and Features

Special value price and free shipping (applies to bundle only).High Security Bundle Pen and Stamp includes 3 Security Pens and a Privacy Stamp to enhance your office security needs.

  • A Stamp that masks sensitive information. Privacy Stamp features a unique pattern of lines and shapes that help quickly mask sensitive information on documents you want to keep.
  • Included in High Security Pen with Stamp Bundle: 1 Privacy Stamp and 3 Security Pens.
  • Long lasting Stamp! Privacy stamp has 2-sided ink pad to double the life of the stamp.
  • Security Pens help prevent document fraud! Use Security Pens on any legal documents including - contracts, passports, birth certificates, and more!
  • Security Pens help prevent check washing! Security Pens use a special ink that bonds to the fibers of the paper which prevents check washing, a common form of check fraud.