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High Security Embassy Gift Certificates - Booked

Item#: Size:
Quantity 100 250 500 1000 1500
HSD857B-2  2-Parts/Duplicate $117.99 $174.99 $282.99 $452.99 $559.99
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Benefits and Features

Smart design for your customers, secure details for you: the high-security Embassy Booked Gift Certificates with Duplicates.

  • Safety-ensuring hologram:

    A multi-dimensional foil seal is hot-stamped on back, offering seven security features.
  • Security you can see:

    Visible security features include heat-sensitive ink and microprinting.
  • Built-in features:

    Every certificate has chemically sensitive paper, invisible fluorescent fibers, a security screen and a clearly worded warning on the certificates
  • Personalized and professional:

    Add your business's logo and additional info
  • Prevent fraud:

    Add consecutive numbering to prevent duplication
  • Smart marketing tools:

    Comes with matching envelopes, a display sign and a door/window decal