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Labor Law 2 Yr Subscription Renewal - Bilingual

Item#: Size: Size varies by State
Quantity 1 2 3 4 5
8982 $255.99 $510.99 $766.99 $1,021.99 $1,277.99

*You may order any quantity in denominations of 1 .
Please call 1-800-865-1913 for quantities over 5 .



Product Benefits and Features

English and Spanish Posters should be posted if you have Spanish-speaking employees.  Whenever they are revised, both Spanish and English posters will be shipped to you automatically, during the term of your bilingual subscription.Now that you know how easy it is to stay compliant with our automatic labor law poster service, why not keep it going? Renew your subscription to continue receiving updated state and federal Labor Law Posters for 2 more years.

  • Subscription renewal must be purchased before your initial Labor Law Poster subscription term expires.
  • All state and federal postings are included, plus mandatory posting requirements and separate state-specific posters, ie., No Smoking or Workers Compensation.
  • This is the RENEWAL subscription for bilingual posters only, and does not include an initial poster shipment. Initial subscriptions should order item #8981.
  • New, updated posters will continue to be sent to your site, free of shipping charges, every time federal and/or state labor laws change.
  • Durable and easy to read, our full color Labor Law Posters display all required notices and are laminated for long term use.