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Patient Waiting Area - Poster Set (N0115 & N0116)

Item#: N0178 Size: 10"w x 14"h
Patient Waiting Area - Poster Set  (N0115 & N0116)N0178
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Product Benefits and Features

With this two-poster set, you can put patients and visitors at ease by informing them of your safety practices and outlining steps they can take to protect themselves if they are at high riskThe threat of COVID-19 makes many people uneasy in public spaces, especially when visiting medical offices, clinics and hospitals

  • The Keeping Patients Safe Poster: helps put patients at ease by demonstrating that you are taking full precautions to keep everyone safe from infectious germs.
  • Laminated: for durability and easy clean-up
  • Size: 10" x 14"
  • The Protect Yourself if You¿re High Risk Poster: provides guidance for patients and visitors in high-risk groups on what they can do to protect themselves further.