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Remote Worker Compliance Essentials Kit

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Remote Worker Compliance Essentials KitA0103
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Benefits and Features

Manage remote employees and maintain productivity levels during Work-from-Home period with the Remote Worker Compliance Essentials Kit.
Kit contains comprehensive set of materials for developing and implementing sound Work-from-Home practices.

  • Employer’s Remote Work Quick Guide: Helps supervisors strategize and prepare for managing effectively from a distance
  • Emergency Remote Work Preparation Checklist: For employers to utilize in the event of an emergency (such as a global pandemic), requiring employees to quickly shift to remote work environment
  • Supervisor’s Tips for Managing Remote Workers: Assists supervisors with managing a remote workforce (pack of 10)
  • Employee Tips for Working from Home: Helps employees work more efficiently from home (pack of 25)
  • Telecommuting & Remote Work Policy: Provides information to employees regarding company’s general expectations when working remotely/telecommuting (pack of 25)
  • Remote Work Request Form: Request form for employees to fill out and submit to management for review and approval to work from home or telecommute (pack of 25)