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Repair Orders, Garage, Carbon, Side-Stub, Large Format

Item#: Size:
Quantity 500 1000 2500 4000
655-3  3-Parts/Triplicate $578.99 $903.99 $1,915.99 $2,918.99
We recommend this quantity.
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Benefits and Features
Specially designed for garage repair orders. Write up detailed services quickly with one large-format repair order, using our pre-printed headings and checkboxes for routine repairs. Keep track of the whole job easily. They can help you:

  • Get the details. 27 lines for parts and accessories, plus handy odometer in/out boxes and "Save Old Parts" box for use when scheduling maintenance.
  • Stay organized. Carbon-backed set available in 3-part form. Consecutive numbering available.
  • Keep agreements. Signature line for customer authorization prevents disputes.
  • Make it personal. Free personalization includes your business imprint plus choice of typeface and standard business logo.

For an additional charge, order:

  • Upgrades. Additional options include imprinting your custom logo.