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Security Paper Green, Blank Sheets

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Product Benefits and Features

Security paper stock safeguards confidential business, legal, healthcare and personal information by preventing unauthorized copying of documents.Protect confidential and sensitive information by printing originals on security stock with built-in anti-reproduction and tamper-detection features.

  • Warning box: Security features listed on back of paper deter fraud, unauthorized photocopying and tampering.
  • Fluorescent fibers: Certain fibers in paper are only visible when exposed under fluorescent light.
  • True watermark: Visible only when held up to a light and cannot be photocopied. Beware if it isn't there!
  • Toner/paper adhesion: Paper chemistry creates a bond between laser toner and paper fibers so that any alteration attempt results in visible paper damage.
  • Chemical wensitive paper: Stains or spots appear if chemical alterations are attempted; instantly indicating tampering.
  • Microprint feature: If photocopied, 1-point type in border appears as a dotted line.
  • Thermochromic (heat sensitive) ink: The lock icon will fade and return when rubbed between thumb and forefinger, or breathed upon, if document is original.
  • Void pantograph: The word "VOID" appears prominently across the document if photocopied or scanned.