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Snowy Winter Bliss Christmas Cards

Item#: Size:
Quantity List Price
25 $231.00
50 $344.00
100 $525.00
200 $942.00
300 $1,001.00
400 $1,054.00
500 $1,107.00
750 $1,412.00
1000 $1,671.00
We recommend this quantity.

*You may order any quantity in denominations of 25.
Please call 1-800-865-1913 for quantities over 1,000.

1.  Quantity

Benefits and Features
This card has superior detail, making your customers feel appreciated. And allows your name to be the star, by being prominently displayed on the cover!

All on the finest paper stock, these cards are created with deep intricate embossing and prismatic foil or holographic accents.

Silver and blue foil accents on soft white stock.

  • Custom Imprinting! Personalize the inside of these Holiday cards with your name and information in either ink or an elegant foil imprint.
  • Foil Lined Envelopes Included! These cards come with silver foil lined envelopes.
  • New Verses! Choose from a variety of verses for the verse that will fit your company's images perfectly. Or create your own!
  • Quickly enhance your company image: Have your company logo printed on the holiday cards for that extra personalized touch! Imprint your company's address on the back of the envelope.
  • Self-Seal Envelopes. Simply remove protective strip and press self adhesive edge to seal!
  • Free Samples! Free holiday card samples available upon request.
  • Shipping: Orders in by 9/10 will ship by 9/17. Most card orders will ship in 3 business days.
  • Holiday Cards are Recyclable. Paper contains 30% post-consumer recycled fibers.
  • Signature Imprinting: Have signatures imprinted and eliminate signing your cards!
  • Folding Service: Have us fold your cards for you!