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Social Distancing and Hygiene - Facility Signage Bundle

Item#: N0123 Size: 8 1/2 x 11"
Social Distancing and Hygiene - Facility Signage BundleN0123
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Benefits and Features

Help keep your employees, customers and guests safe by posting these social distancing and hygiene reminders throughout your workplace.
Each posting communicates an essential message about a recommended social distancing or hygiene practice, in both English and Spanish.

  • Includes four separate posters:

    to be placed in appropriate locations throughout your facility.
  • The Do Not Enter if Sick Poster:

    sets clear expectations before anyone enters your facility.
  • Do Not Shake Hands Poster:

    can be displayed at entrances and in other location where guests or colleagues are likely to extend a hand.
  • The Stay Six Feet Apart Poster:

    reminds everyone to maintain physical distance
  • The Wash Your Hands Frequently Poster:

    communicates best practices for hand washing and can be posted both inside and outside of restrooms.
  • The Guidelines for Reopening Your Facility Quick Guide:

    includes expert recommendations for reopening safely
  • Posters are bilingual:

    (English & Spanish), 8.5”x11”, and laminated for durability and easy cleanup