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As a business owner, keeping your business safe from fraud attacks is one of the most important things you can do. That's why we continue to lead the way in developing products like our exclusive and innovative High Security checks. When you order our High Security checks, you'll have the peace of mind needed to run your business confidently. But, don't stop with High Security checks, keep your business safe with some of our other High Security products, like our security pens, stamps and business security software. Criminals are determined. That's why we offer security pens that prevent check washing and document tampering. Our security pens come with a specially formulated gel ink that embeds itself to paper fibers - helping to prevent check washing and document fraud. They're perfect for use on checks, tax forms, contracts, loan applications, credit card applications, birth certificates, and all other important documents. Another handy product that helps keep your business safe is our security stamp. Our long-lasting stamps help mask sensitive information with a unique pattern of lines and shapes - another great tool to have on hand when dealing with important paper work. We'll also help you stay connected without the worry of online security threats with our powerful and comprehensive business security software. Protect your business files from network and any web-based threats with our McAfee Internet and Antivirus business software.