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Website Linking FAQs

How long does it take to establish a link?
A link can be established in as few as 20 minutes. Follow the clear, step-by-step instructions that are located in the "Link to Us" section on our homepage. We suggest that you utilize the help of your Webmaster or contractor who maintains your site when establishing the link.

What if my web site is outsourced or managed by another group?
Linking to deluxe.com/shop will involve making changes to the html content of your web site. If an external organization manages your site, you will need their help. Have your web manager review the linking instructions found in the "Link To Us" section on our homepage. You may need to supply some specifics about your organization, i.e. routing/transit number (for Financial Institutions), Priority Service Code (for Resellers), etc. You will also need to indicate where within your site you'd like the link to be placed.

What information should I have on hand before I establish a link?
For Financial Institutions: It helps to have the following information before you start: FI Routing/Transit number(s); Contact Name and e-mail address; FI logo URL* (if you want your logo displayed); URL of your site's homepage.

For Third-Parties (i.e. Resellers, Accountants, etc): You may need to provide: contact information; Priority Service Code; your company logo URL* (if you want your logo displayed).

*If you currently have a logo displayed on your web site, just right click on the image to obtain the logo URL.

What is a "Welcome" page, and what is its purpose?
We provide a special "Welcome" page that displays before your customer is linked to the deluxe.com/shop site. It makes the transition easier for your customer and explains the relationship with Deluxe. The Welcome page, along with other key pages within deluxe.com/shop, offer customized "Back" button access in case your customer wants to return to your site.

How will I know when my Welcome is complete and I'm ready to establish my link?
Your Welcome page is completed as soon as you enter the required information and review it. You can choose to add the link to your site right away, which is preferred, or to add it later. An e-mail confirmation is sent immediately to the individual requesting the link confirming that the page is complete. The e-mail also provides the simple instructions for adding the link to your site.

What if I need technical support?
Contact your account manager for next steps.

Where on my site should I place the link?
One successful guideline is to put yourself in the place of your customers/members and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Where would I look to order/reorder business checks or check my order status
  • Where would I look for business checking services and products?
  • How convenient is it to find the linking button on this website?
  • How many "click thru's" does it take to get me to where I want to go?

Additional guidelines:

  • Make the link a part of your navigational buttons
  • Add the icon underneath the other navigational buttons on your site

Place multiple links under any or all of the following: Business Banking, Products & Services, Deposit Accounts, FAQ's. Many of the Financial Institutions that are successful in routing customers to Deluxeforms.com have placed links in more than one location.

How does Deluxe prevent fraud on new orders?
Deluxe takes extraordinary measures to ensure the security of our customers' check orders and proprietary bank information. These measures include, but are not limited to, requiring a customer code to access customer history, displaying only a portion of account numbers for verification, and flagging orders with characteristics that have a higher propensity to be fraudulent.