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October 11, 2017

Boosting your restaurant with an updated menu

With the explosion of FoodTV and cooking shows, everyone has an opinion on how to cook. So, when two amazing chefs get together on one episode of Small Business Revolution – Main Street, it is time to take notice.

Minneapolis restaurateur Kim Bartmann is back for season 2 of the Deluxe series, this time helping Annabella’s, an Italian restaurant owned by Bobby and Alison Angelaccio in downtown Bristol Borough, Pennsylvania. While Deluxe worked on the marketing and physical improvements for the business, chefs Kim and Bobby got to work on the menu.

Kim Bartmann owns several very successful restaurants in Minneapolis, so she knows a good chef when she sees one. But she also has a great eye for when the chef is trying to do too many things. Bobby’s food is stellar, but his menu needed a few new options and it needed to be pared down.

Like a website, the menu is a peek inside of the restaurant. First off, most people prefer to look at your menu before they even visit your establishment. Having an online menu that’s easy to view is one major selling point to potential customers, especially with online access so readily available from our mobile phones. Annabella’s had a great menu, but it needed some fine tuning to not only make it more appealing to the people coming into their restaurant, but also make their lives easier:

  • Keep items people love, but also keep things fresh:

Obviously if there’s a dish on your menu that people love, keep it. If customers know it’s always on the menu, they’ll continuously come back. But, it’s also important to mix things up. Chef Bobby hadn’t updated his menu to remove the items people weren’t clamoring for. If customers come in and see something new and exciting, they’ll be even more inclined to keep coming back.

  • Accommodate dietary restrictions:

Now, more than ever, customers want and need a menu that accommodates dietary restrictions. If someone has an allergy to gluten but there’s no gluten free option on the menu, chances are, they aren’t going to choose that restaurant. Having exciting choices for people who can’t eat certain things due to food allergies is just another aspect of your menu that will help bring new customers into your doors.

  • Paring down the menu to help internally:

The Angelaccio’s kitchen was getting too crowded with equipment they rarely used but needed for certain menu items. By removing some items from the menu, they could remove the equipment. For instance: the pizza oven. Financially, it made sense to remove those items and in turn, remove that equipment that was taking up so much space.

  • Marketing:

A new menu is a great marketing tool. It can help get people in the door because it’s something new and exciting. Plus, if your menu is online and people can view it from anywhere, they will be much more likely to come in and try things out. The Deluxe team did a great job of providing imagery for many of the menu items on the website. So not only can people view the menu online, they can also see what the actual food looks like, which could entice even more people to head into the restaurant.

Updating the menu for your restaurant has more power than you’d think to attract new customers and get more foot traffic in your door. With the tools the Angelaccio’s have in place, I’m certain they will find success.

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