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November 1, 2017

A childcare center you trust

By Jenna Paulus

As a working mom of a young child, I know finding a daycare is not an easy process. When I was pregnant with my son, I researched centers, home daycares, etc. Knowing that I was going to be leaving my child all day while I was at work made me uneasy, so I needed to find that place I trusted, but that I could also afford.

When I saw the story of Discover, Learn & Grow during the second season of Small Business Revolution – Main Street in Bristol Borough, Pennsylvania, I felt compelled by the story because of the process I had recently gone through in finding a daycare center.

Ramona Jones and her son, Marcelous, run Discover, Learn & Grow Learning Center on Mill Street and have only been open for a year. As a former school teacher, Ramona saw that children in the area needed to be more prepared than ever when entering kindergarten, so she opened her childcare center to pass on her years of knowledge. As I watched Ramona talk about how much these children mean to her and her mission to prepare them, I couldn’t help but feel drawn to her.

What is clear from this episode is that Ramona has an incredibly big heart, which is her strength, but also her weakness. Daycare is expensive, no matter where you live. Knowing this, she wants to give her customers an affordable option. However, doing so could hurt her business. For me, taking my son to a daycare I trust and know he will be safe at was my top priority. Yes, I wanted to make sure it wasn’t too expensive, but I was willing to pay more for safety and trust.

If Ramona and Marcelous charge their customers more it’s ok, because to maintain the business, pay themselves and provide the children with the best possible environment, they have to make money.
Watching their story unfold made me think about how much I pay for daycare, so I wondered: “is our daycare charging us enough? Is she turning a profit? If she were to charge more, would I care?”
Those types of questions are what is great about the Small Business Revolution. Each episode makes you think about what different businesses are doing and makes you want to support those businesses at all costs. And each of those questions made me change my position on things. In the past I might be upset if my daycare were to charge more, but now would understand, because just like I need to get paid at my job, they need to get paid at theirs.

Ramona may think people won’t be happy if they’re charged more, but many times that may not be the case because keeping your child safe and giving them an environment that they enjoy and will help prepare them to be a better part of their community is worth more. And as long as she communicates that, I’m certain the parents will buy into her changes. Robert Herjavec himself said he’d send his kids there if he lived in Bristol Borough, and I’d have to agree. Ramona and Marcelous are setting themselves up for great success and I can’t wait to watch them and the children in their care thrive.

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