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Behind the Scenes

November 8, 2017

It’s not an end, it’s a beginning

Endings are never easy. More often than not, you are left with that “now what?” feeling.

Wrapping up production last July in Bristol Borough, Pennsylvania, the team at Deluxe was overcome with the “now what” feeling. We knew that we had an entire summer of work ahead to create the second season of the Small Business Revolution – Main Street, yet the six months working with these businesses and community leaders had gone by in a flash.

Although we were leaving with amazing memories, we were also leaving with a sense of sadness because of the connections made over the course of a few months. Sad that our time had come to an end; sad that we wouldn’t be part of their journey the next few months; and, sad that we couldn’t be there to help even more businesses in the town.

When we started filming season two in Bristol, we were nervous. This community had watched season one in Wabash and they knew what was to come. They expected great things from our team so the pressure was on. We didn’t feel that pressure in Wabash because none of us had ever tried to accomplish a makeover of one community’s downtown. Yet in Bristol, we knew our actions would be watched that much closer.

The incredible transformations that came from this work give us such joy, not because of what we did, but what the business owners did to revitalize the way they look at their own businesses. From Hems Truck and Auto to Keystone boxing to Annabella’s, watching the owners try something new and succeed is the best part of the Small Business Revolution.

Even more amazing was watching the community of Bristol come to life. As business and civic leaders shared, they were once the jewel of Bucks County. Yet perception had changed. Now, with our help, with the new docks going in and with their own sense of pride, there is new life to Bristol. They’ve now got the tools and hopefully, more people start to see the beauty in this town that we all saw from the beginning.

The final day of filming was exhausting, but exhilarating. Sharing our commitment to the town with a gathered assembly down by the Delaware River was an incredible ending to a remarkable journey. We wanted the day to continue, but we knew it was time to get to work creating the series itself.

Although this ending was bittersweet and we will miss all of these wonderful people we’ve met over the course of the past year, we’re happy that we are left with such amazing memories. One of the town leaders, Bill Pezza, said it best when he said, It’s not an end, it’s a beginning.

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