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April 27, 2018

Advice from Successful Small Business Owners: 1-on-1 with Amanda Brinkman in New Online Series



Since early 2015, the Small Business Revolution has provided a platform for inspiring, engaging and compelling small business stories. Hundreds of entrepreneurs and business owners have been featured, their passion for what they do on display for the world to see.

Many of these business owners have shared the struggles and challenges they face. In fact, some of the 100 featured in the first year of the Small Business Revolution are no longer around, victims of the ever-changing economic reality of running a viable business. The last two years, and into this season of Small Business Revolution – Main Street, we have showcased our efforts to help businesses located in small towns, revitalizing communities and giving eager owners a chance at success.

This week, we are launching a new video series featuring conversations between successful entrepreneurs and Amanda Brinkman, Deluxe’s chief brand and communications officer. “Small Talks” provides candid insights into how these amazing small business owners have built their careers and their brands, from cultivating clients to hiring employees to better understanding their own strengths.

With “Small Talks,” Deluxe is focusing more on providing tips, tools and techniques that any small business owner can utilize to help their business succeed. Located within the Deluxe Small Business Resource Center, “Small Talks” is part of an online community where more than 400 free business resources are housed, including helpful tools for starting a business, marketing a business, managing finances and more.

The first wave of “Small Talks” videos are roughly 3-5 minutes in length and feature prominent entrepreneurs from Minneapolis and Chicago. Several are now available at, with additional new episodes being released in the coming weeks. The featured experts range from the founder of the fastest-growing fitness franchise ever, to a distillery owner in Chicago, to a nationally renowned pastry chef with nine James Beard nominations.

In each episode, Amanda Brinkman tours the business with its owner, talking shop to uncover the secret behind the success. In one episode, Don Ball, founder and CEO of Fueled Collective (formerly COCO), shared how this co-working, interactive space came together in the old Grain Exchange building in Minneapolis.

In this building, shares of grains and farming staples were once traded by brokers and businesspeople. Today, business owners and entrepreneurs use the space to hatch ideas; as Ball puts it, his team has “brought out the new economy, where people exchange ideas,” instead of commodities.

From small “mom and pop” stores to businesses that have grown to have dozens of employees, small business owners are always learning and growing in their craft. In “Small Talks,” small business owners share insights into what makes their businesses thrive – and, just as importantly, they discuss challenges and failures they’ve experienced along the way. It is all about learning and growing, which is exactly what business owners will learn from “Small Talks.”

Follow along on social media, on YouTube, and at the Deluxe Small Business Resource Center as we roll out the Small Talks series. There, you can learn firsthand from entrepreneurs, and we also encourage you to share “Small Talks” with your favorite small business owner.

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