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May 9, 2018

Small Business Stories: Latino Tires

In our “Small Business Stories” series, we hit the road to interview small business owners about their unique journeys. Each story provides inspiration and insights while shining a spotlight on the passionate small business owners who are so critical to our economies and our communities.

Pedro Villalobos moved to Arkansas from Colorado in the early 2000s and decided to start working for his brother’s tire shop. After learning the trade and being presented with an opportunity to open a shop in nearby Siloam Springs, Pedro jumped at the chance. His biggest challenge from the start, as with many businesses, was getting customers in the door. Fortunately, by the time he had moved there, a lot of people knew about his brother’s original shop, which had a great rapport, so he was able to build on that and bring customers in the door.

For Pedro, his customers are his most important asset. When first-time customers come in and say they were referred by others, it makes him feel great. If it wasn’t for his customers, he wouldn’t be there, so he believes every customer deserves to be treated the right way and goes out of his way to make sure his team provides the best service possible.

As Pedro says, the first two years of owning a business can be a struggle. But as he came to find out, if he provided great service, they would keep coming back. He has customers that come in now who came in the day he opened, he appreciates that loyalty and it keeps him going. That is one of his favorite parts about living in the small town of Siloam Springs, and the people in town appreciate him as well, with an almost five-star rating on Google and Facebook, it’s clear that his service is top notch.

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