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Meet the Stars of SBR

July 6, 2018

Meet the SBR Team: Emily, Jessica and Jenna

In our “Meet the stars of SBR” series, we highlight the individuals behind the scenes of the Small Business Revolution and interview them to learn more about their experience working with business owners across the nation, and why business owners are essential. 

In this installment, we’ll introduce you to three key team members who work behind the scenes to make the Small Business Revolution – Main Street come to life. From graphic design to social media and public relations, these three are an integral part of the team who take our series from production to reality.


Meet Emily Turitto

Emily is a graphic designer for Deluxe Corporation and works at our headquarters outside Minneapolis. Emily started as an intern right after graduating from college and has grown to be one of the most vital players on the Small Business Revolution team. Each year she works on the logo concepting, branding and print marketing materials for the small businesses featured in the series. Her work is also the face of the Small Business Revolution brand – all of the digital and print advertising and social media visuals you see are the products of her work. Emily is a creative rock star and passionate about supporting small businesses. We asked Emily what is her favorite part of working on the Small Business Revolution… “Designing the logos and branded materials for the towns and businesses. It’s always a great feeling when the business owners see their new logos on a t-shirt, storefront or business card and are so proud that it’s theirs.”


Meet Jessica Jones

Jessica is a social media specialist, also based in Minneapolis. If you’ve chatted with us on Facebook, shared one of our posts, or used the #smallbusinessrevolution hashtag and gotten a like in response – odds are, that was Jessica! Jessica manages our social media communities and actively engages with your posts – during busy periods that can be thousands of messages a week. This year Jessica has taken the lead on creating the majority of the social media content we share including our latest series, #SBStories. She has also worked hands-on with the businesses who will be featured in Season 3 of “Main Street” this fall to create social media strategies to help grow their businesses. We asked Jessica what the most interesting part of her job is… I love being able to actively communicate with the small business revolution community on social media and create content that they find interesting, useful and something that they can connect with.


Meet Jenna Paulus

Jenna works on public relations and communications as part of the brand team for Deluxe Corporation. She was instrumental in coordinating our whirlwind tour of the Top Ten communities. Jenna was the first contact with community leaders and Main Street organizers in each town, helped schedule events, coordinate with local media and arrange for interviews with small business owners so we could capture content from around the country to share on the Small Business Revolution blog. As we prepare to launch Season 3 this fall, Jenna will also help shape the story of the #MyAlton community on our website and in materials for the press. We asked Jenna why it’s important to support small businesses… “Growing up with a father who was a small business owner made me realize just how hard they work (hello nights and weekends) and how important they are to communities, especially those in small towns. They take the time to get to know their customers by name and the personal experience you get when shopping at a small business far outweighs any trip to a big box store.”


Stay tuned for more posts in this series, as we introduce more of the Deluxe team behind the scenes over the coming months!

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