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July 11, 2018

Small Business Stories: Siloam Printing

In our “Small Business Stories” series, we hit the road to interview small business owners about their unique journeys. Each story provides inspiration and insights while shining a spotlight on the passionate small business owners who are so critical to our economies and our communities.

Glenita Guthrie’s husband purchased Siloam Springs Printing from its former owner in 1968 at the age of 25. After the purchase, he taught Glenita how to run the business and once she learned, he handed everything over to her. Since December of 1968, Glenita has been running the shop, while raising four kids, one of whom was raised at the shop while she ran the press.

After a stint in Montana with the Air Force, Rick Walkingstick moved to Arkansas and decided he wanted to work at a print shop. After some training in the field, he started working for Glenita in 1976. Now as the shop manager, he helps her run the day-to-day of the business.

Glenita and Rick pride themselves on keeping the business versatile. They’ve continued to modernize their shop to stay ahead, but at the same time, have kept customer service top of mind. As Rick said, they say yes to everything, whether they can or cannot, they always finish their deadlines for customers, because they realize most people go to whichever printer is cheaper. Their hope is their stellar service and commitment to the customer will continue to attract people, even if they may not be as affordable as the lower cost options.

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