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Main Street: Season 3 FinalistBastrop, TX

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About the Town

Bastrop is nestled “Deep in the Heart of Texas,” on the banks of the Colorado River. This quintessential small town is located just a short drive from big cities like Austin, Houston and San Antonio, and their dedicated community and southern charm have Bastrop poised to become a prime Texas destination. 

The warmth of its residents and its nostalgic Main Street make visiting Bastrop feel like walking onto the set of an old Western movie. It’s no wonder that Bastrop has been hailed as “The Most Historic Small Town in Texas.” But in recent years, the town has weathered an onslaught of fires, floods and hurricanes, putting the resilience of its residents to the test. In fact, Bastrop is battling a misperception that a forest fire wiped out the town, and that they never recovered. But rest assured, Bastrop not only made it through the tragedy – they emerged even stronger.

Since 2011, Bastrop has set a new standard for rebuilding, helping and encouraging surrounding communities with their own relief efforts. A diverse group of entrepreneurs is leading the charge by revitalizing the downtown area with an eclectic mix of small businesses: boutique retailers, charming restaurants, a Persian rug purveyor and a historic opera house are just a few examples. Bastrop’s residents are energized, and they’re looking for the Small Business Revolution to give their businesses, and their community, a big boost.

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