Season 5 FinalistBenicia, CA

About the Town

While Benicia is located less than 40 miles from San Francisco, the town struggles to attract visitors from the Bay Area and other nearby communities. Home to the Benicia Refinery, this community of just over 28,000 residents wants to expand its image to entice more passersby to frequent its main street. Benicia’s small businesses—from a recently-opened flower shop to a long-standing bookstore—are nestled along more than 10 city blocks that fade into the coastline. Along the water’s edge sits an old railroad station that houses Benicia’s Main Street Program. Coined the “jewel” of the Bay Area, downtown Benicia is rich in California history and peppered with more than 30 historical points of interest.

Benicia is hoping to use the Small Business Revolution as a catalyst for making the community more widely known and understood, including the fact that its public schools are highly rated. Increasing awareness of Benicia will ultimately help this town become a more popular tourist destination, helping to drive traffic to its small business community.

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