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Season 5 WinnerDurant, OK

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About the Town

Downtown Durant offers something for everyone, including boutiques and retail shops, art galleries, salons and spas, restaurants and bars, bustling businesses and more. Located on a too-often-forgotten stretch of highway between Dallas and Oklahoma City, Durant has to work hard to attract visitors and residents alike.

Durant was named after Dixon Durant, who has been credited with a number of local achievements, including establishing the first general merchandising store in town and kick-starting the town’s love of small businesses. Durant is proud to be the headquarters of the Choctaw Nation, and over the past century, the town has grown exponentially and is now home to nearly 18,000 residents and is the economic center of southeastern Oklahoma.

Moving forward, Durant has a close-knit team of town leaders and stakeholders who believe that by helping their small businesses thrive, their entire town will thrive. They want help drawing people downtown to discover the amazing things they already have, and they hope the Small Business Revolution can ignite the spark they need.

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