Main Street: Season 1

Episode 8: Wabash Finale

In the Wabash finale, we see that the momentum of the Revolution is palpable in town as the community begins to see firsthand how supporting small businesses – your neighbors – has a trickle-down effect on the entire community.

We revisit Christine Flohr, executive director of Visit Wabash County, who gives Amanda Brinkman and Robert Herjavec a final tour of the town, showing off the physical enhancements Wabash and Deluxe worked on together. Amanda and Robert are so inspired by the progress and energy in town that they have a few surprises to give before they leave. While the team is sad to conclude their work with Wabash, they take comfort knowing that Wabash is just getting started. The Small Business Revolution has ignited a movement and Wabash will carry the torch from here.


Resources from this episode

Get to know the people featured in this episode and learn more about how Deluxe helped them overcome some of their marketing challenges. The timestamps below make it easy to explore specific moments from the show more in depth.


"The trickle-down effect is huge"

The Small Business Revolution – Main Street project invested primarily in the downtown core of Wabash, Indiana. But that’s not where the investment ends. We see in the series how investing in small businesses is an investment in the whole community. That trickle-down effect is what this movement is all about.

Learn more about the benefits of supporting our small businesses.


"I don't see this as an end of anything"

One of the reasons Wabash was chosen as a finalist for the Main Street project was their ability to rally as a community around a cause and support one another. Deluxe knew that an investment in this community would not go to waste – that this would spark even more growth and innovation.

Learn why Wabash is just getting started and what we're looking for in the next Main Street nominees.


"We're going to use the tools they've equipped us with"

Wabash had a very unique opportunity to have outside experts pinpoint and help fix their core business problems. But any business can succeed, even without a fairytale experience like this. What does it take? Commitment, smart planning, and help. There is help (and tools) all around you – and the most successful business owners are the ones who aren’t afraid to take it.

Learn what it takes for your business to truly succeed and where to find help.

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