Main Street: Season 1

Episode 5: Schlemmer Brothers

More than 110 years old, Schlemmer Brothers is a metalworks and retail hearth business that has been a mainstay of the Wabash community, spanning four generations of family ownership and employing countless Wabashians. Owner Kent Henderson, an engineer by trade, devotes most of his time to the thriving metalworks shop and entrusts one of his loyal employees, Kris White, to manage the retail side of the business.

Amanda Brinkman and Robert Herjavec learn that the retail side, which sells hearths, grills, stoves, and fireplaces, along with installation and chimney sweeping services, struggles to hold its own, particularly during seasonal downturns. In episode five, Deluxe shows Schlemmer Brothers how to create a stronger identity for the retail business with a more refined strategy and a website design that better supports them all year long, helping them adapt and grow their customer base to endure for another hundred years.

Learn more about the marketing strategy that helped Schlemmer Brothers get going with online marketing. >

Resources from this episode

Get to know the people featured in this episode and learn more about how Deluxe helped them overcome some of their marketing challenges. The timestamps below make it easy to explore specific moments from the show more in depth.


Meet Kent Henderson

He’s part of the living legacy of the Schlemmer family, who founded this business more than 100 years ago. He is passionate about keeping Schlemmer Brothers thriving and employing Wabashians for years to come.

Learn more about his journey.


Meet Kris White

Manager of the retail side of Schlemmer Brothers, Kris didn’t grow up in the Schlemmer family, but long admired their business and what they represent for Wabash.

Learn more about the journey that led him to Schlemmer Brothers.


Entrepreneurship is about embracing the unknown

We see in Schlemmer Brothers’ story that although Kris White isn’t the owner of the company, he embraces his part of the business wholeheartedly. He pursues the unknown, takes risks and is on a constant quest for knowledge, and always with an undaunted spirit. That is what being an entrepreneur is all about.

Learn more about how Kris is tackling the marketing unknowns to help drive more business.



Kris White is the first to admit he is not marketing expert and not the most tech savvy. Google Adwords is a very powerful tool for small businesses, whether you have small budget or a big budget, but the trick is knowing the right way to spend it.

Walk through the simple steps that break down how to get started with Google Adwords.

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