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Main Street: Season 1

Episode 4: Filament Tattoo

How we transformed

Filament Tattoo

Dig deeper into the thought and decisions that guided the Deluxe team as they developed Filament’s marketing strategy.

Matt Haynes is a former pastor who transitioned from the church to opening his own tattoo shop, Filament Tattoo Co., in downtown Wabash. Haynes had spent a lot of time in tattoo shops over the years and realized he could connect with people who would never have talked to him while wearing a suit and tie in his church.

When Amanda Brinkman and Robert Herjavec sit down with Matt, we learn that Filament Tattoo already has a strong brand and reputation in Wabash, but the three-year-old business needs help growing and reaching a broader audience to help it through the seasonality of the business. In episode four, the Deluxe team shows Filament how powerful a website and good photography are to telling your personalized story and marketing the “experience” customers can expect with you. With a few physical improvements to their exterior and a unique twist to their social media strategy, we help Filament change perceptions about tattoo shops.


Get to know the characters in this episode:

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