Main Street: Season 1

Episode 4: Filament Tattoo

Matt Haynes is a former pastor who transitioned from the church to opening his own tattoo shop, Filament Tattoo Co., in downtown Wabash. Haynes had spent a lot of time in tattoo shops over the years and realized he could connect with people who would never have talked to him while wearing a suit and tie in his church.

When Amanda Brinkman and Robert Herjavec sit down with Matt, we learn that Filament Tattoo already has a strong brand and reputation in Wabash, but the three-year-old business needs help growing and reaching a broader audience to help it through the seasonality of the business. In episode four, the Deluxe team shows Filament how powerful a website and good photography are to telling your personalized story and marketing the “experience” customers can expect with you. With a few physical improvements to their exterior and a unique twist to their social media strategy, we help Filament change perceptions about tattoo shops.

Learn more about the marketing strategy that helped Filament Tattoo grow its customer base. >

Resources from this episode

Get to know the people featured in this episode and learn more about how Deluxe helped them overcome some of their marketing challenges. The timestamps below make it easy to explore specific moments from the show more in depth.


Meet Matt Haynes

He’s a former pastor who has a passion for connecting with people and hearing their stories, no matter what form that takes. He says his tattoo shop has made that even more possible than his former career.

Learn more about his journey.


Matt has a brand with a real story

As Robert acknowledges, Matt has done a fantastic job of creating a brand with a story, with meaning. That was something that came easily to Matt – he tends to have a general “knack” for marketing, but isn’t well-versed in some o f the more granular tactics he should be utilizing. Whether you’re like Matt, or you have no idea what you’re doing when it comes to marketing, don’t let that scare you from starting your own business. You don’t have to be an expert at everything.

Learn more about embracing your strengths and getting help with the rest.


First step to social: get setup

The first step for any social media strategy is to set up your Facebook Business Page. Some businesses only talk about their business via their personal pages, but this is a mistake.

Follow these easy steps to get your business on Facebook.


"The tattoo world is just ripe for bringing people together"

People who have tattoos tend to be very passionate about them, and they often enjoy talking about them and what they represent, too. This type of audience was ripe for leveraging the power of Facebook Groups to create a community that could share their stories together. Creating a Group, beyond his standard business page, was the key to Deluxe’s success with Filament Tattoo.

Learn more about how Deluxe leveraged Facebook Groups for Matt's business.

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