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Main Street Series: Season 2

Episode 1

Welcome to Bristol Borough

Bristol Borough, Pennsylvania, situated on the Delaware River, was founded in 1681, one of the oldest communities in the state. The town of roughly 10,000 people is in the heart of Bucks County, just outside of Philadelphia. Once a prospering mill town, the main street was once booming, with full shops and employment. Yet when the mills closed, jobs left and so did the people. The town started turning into a shell of what it once was.

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Episode 2

Hems Truck and Auto

The Hems name goes back several generations in Bristol Borough, with a long history of entrepreneurship. Roland and Megan Hems continued that tradition, owning Hems Truck and Auto for the last 10 years. Their challenge is the same as many other small business owners – finding the right balance between work and home life, and making ends meet on a weekly and daily basis.

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Episode 3

Miguel’s Riverside Barber Shop

Miguel Velez III used to come to the Riverside Barber Shop as a child, so when the opportunity arose to purchase it, he couldn’t pass up the chance. At his barbershop, haircuts and styles are an artform and everything is “on point.” But he has hit a plateau in his tiny space. Although he holds immense pride in what he does, he needs to take his barber shop to the next level and he believes expansion is the key to success.

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Episode 4

Annabella’s Italian Restaurant

Chef Robert Angelaccio is a good son. When his mother fell ill, he returned home to Bristol Borough to care for her and to open an Italian restaurant that bears her name. It turned out to be a fortuitous move, since one day, a customer named Alison came into the restaurant, a woman who would one day become his wife. Together, Robert and Alison run Annabella’s, with the Chef cooking classic Italian meals and his wife’s pastry skills thrilling customers each night.

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Episode 5

Polka Dot Parlor

Paulette Kasmer opened her own shop in Bristol Borough to fill a need that she saw for clothing and accessories in her home town. With a goal of empowering women to feel comfortable with what they purchase and to feel comfortable with themselves, Polka Dot Parlor has created a space women of all ages can go to and shop for clothing and accessories. With online shopping and big box competition, retail stores are some of the hardest to open, but they help keep main streets alive.

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Episode 6

Keystone Boxing & MMA Gym

Jose Tilapa, owner of Keystone Boxing & MMA Gym has been boxing his entire life. Teaching himself in his home country of Mexico, he wants to provide coaching and mentorship to a new generation of boxers in the Bristol region. He has invested into his dream gym, but new customers are hard to come by and he needs direction. From the beginning, he’s managed on his own, but as he struggles with signing up new customers, he knows he needs help if he’s going to have a successful gym.

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Episode 7

Discover, Learn & Grow

A former school teacher in the Philadelphia School District, Ramona Jones loves working with young children, preparing them for their future schooling. She was driven to begin Discover, Learn and Grow to help children be better prepared for kindergarten. After her son Marcelous graduated from college, he couldn’t think of anything he’d rather do than work with his mom in the family business. With a demand for children to know so much when they start school, Discover, Learn and Grow’s mission is to teach the children as much as they can, but also leave them with a history of the community of Bristol Borough.

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Episode 8


In the finale, all the work the Deluxe marketing team and the Small Business Revolution has done for the town comes together. Including a new website that better reflects the resurgence of the town and the businesses that are helping it grow back to what it once was, as well as other updates to help improve things around the town and make it more visitor-friendly.

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Small Business Revolution – Main Street is back for Season 2, this time in Bristol Borough, Pennsylvania. Marketing expert Amanda Brinkman returns with celebrity entrepreneur Robert Herjavec, a host of small business experts, and marketing gurus from Deluxe to help the town and six new small businesses. Eight new episodes will showcase these life-changing transformations to create a truly remarkable series that educates and entertains.

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