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How to get your business on Facebook

get your business on Facebook

of online adults use Facebook. While social media networks continue to emerge, Facebook is still king.



The average a user spends on Facebook every day.


pro tip

Set up a Facebook business page to keep your personal Facebook account separate. You want potential customers to focus on learning more about your business, rather than your personal activities.

Establishing a unique Facebook page for your business is easy, and allows your fans to find you and engage with you in a place they’re already spending time. Here’s how to easily set up your business’s Facebook presence:

Set up the page

Visit Facebook for Business and select “Create a Page” in the upper right-hand corner. Note: you need to be logged into your personal Facebook account.
Choose from six classifications for your business type:

  • Artist, Band or Public Figure
  • Brand or Product
  • Cause of Community
  • Company, Organization or Institution
  • Entertainment
  • Local Business or Place

Each classification provides further details to assist you in choosing the appropriate title for your company. Once you have chosen one, you’re ready to move on to step two.

Enter your basic information


This may seem trivial but don’t skimp when it comes to entering your basic information. Treat each item as though it will be read by a customer – because it will be – and make sure you make the most of your “About” section, Favorites section and profile pictures. As you’re entering this information, you’ll also be prompted to create an advertisement through Facebook. You can do so if you choose, but recognize this is a separate endeavor and not something you must do to successfully fill out your basic information.

Be sure to set up your vanity URL – something that closely matches your company name and is easy for fans to remember.

Understand the admin keys

Facebook business admin page

Now that your Facebook page is up and running, it’s wise to know how it works. Find the navigation bar and select the settings option. From there a litany of options will appear. For now, focus on these three:

  • Notifications: This option allows you to control the type and frequency of the page alerts you receive. It’s up to you to determine what is right for you.
  • Page Info: This is another opportunity to add information about your business, so again, don’t let it slide by.
  • Page Roles: This is your chance to share the responsibility of managing your company’s Facebook page. If other employees need administrator access to the page, you can grant those privileges here.

Start using your page to reach fans

A Facebook Page without fresh content may be worse than no page at all. Use your page to showcase promotions, events and photo opportunities involving your business. If you don’t post anything, consumers may wonder if you’re still in business.

Track the results

How is the public reacting to your Facebook page? Once you reach 30 fans, Facebook enables helpful metrics that let you track likes, visits, reach and overall engagement with your page. The more interaction the better and Facebook lets you know how you’re doing at a rate of your choosing.

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