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Social media case study: Barber uses Facebook to grow clientele


For generations, members of the Velez family frequented the same barber shop in historic downtown Bristol Borough, Pennsylvania. So when barber Miguel Velez III had the opportunity to take over the shop, he jumped at the chance. Practicing his craft since 1999, Miguel is happily doing his part to bring old-school barbering back to Bristol.

Matt Haynes owner of Filament Tattoo

I’m amazed at how many reviews my shop has received since my Facebook page went live. It’s rewarding to see my clients share their experience with their friends online and has really helped us bring in more customers looking for a new barber.

Miguel Velez III
Barber & Owner,
Miguel’s Riverside Barber Shop

The situation

Ten years after taking over the shop, Miguel’s Riverside Barber Shop was poised for a major expansion: preparing to double in size. During the renovations, his plans fell through and Miguel was forced to suddenly shift into a new, bigger space with higher rent. To weather this change and sustain his business, Miguel needed to increase the flow of clients booking haircuts at the barber shop.

The plan

The Deluxe team outlined a plan to create a new Facebook page for Miguel’s Riverside Barber Shop, with a distinct look and message that was easy for everyone to find.

The process

With two billion monthly users, Facebook offers plenty of opportunities for new customers to discover, like and review the shop. So, the Deluxe team set out to create an official Facebook page that would connect Miguel to new customers and grow his business.

Branded graphics

To spread awareness of the shop in the community, the team created branded images for the page. One photo featured the shop’s logo and a photo of Miguel’s tools of the trade. It communicates a level of professionalism and care that leaves visitors feeling confident that they’re going to get an amazing haircut from a master of his craft.

Boosts visibility and bookings

Quick access to important details

The team organized the page to make it easy for potential clients to learn everything they need to know before their haircut. Visitors can explore photos of Miguel’s unique haircuts, get directions to the shop, book an appointment online and more.

A five-star rating

To make Miguel’s shop stand out from the crowd, the team displayed a Facebook 5 Star Rating widget. This widget would allow him to showcase his rating in an eye-catching way — and build trust and credibility with new customers.

Miguel’s new Facebook page isn’t just a great way to get noticed by hundreds of potential customers. It’s his online storefront, and people can’t help but step inside. They’ll get a peek at Miguel, his staff, and the artistry behind the haircuts. Many of the visitors who check out his Facebook page visit the shop for a cut.

The results

Within just six weeks, Miguel’s Facebook business page was leading new clients to his shop. Business was booming, and he had two new barbers to show for it! Miguel is too busy catering to his clients to post updates on the page — but simply establishing the business on Facebook has paid off.

In six months, his page had nearly 2,000 engagements — including 280 clicks to book an appointment or visit his website. He has reached nearly 28,000 Facebook users and so far has earned 107 glowing reviews.

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