Facebook strategy drives visitors to startup tattoo shop

Filament Tattoo Facebook Strategy Video

Social Media Case Study: Filament Tattoo Co.


Filament Tattoo Company is a world-class tattoo studio in Wabash, Indiana. After becoming a fixture in its local community in just two years, owner Matt Haynes hoped to transform Filament into a regional tattoo destination. Filament Tattoo was one of six businesses selected to benefit from a Small Business Revolution Main Street makeover, which connected Haynes to the advice he needed to take his shop to the next level.

Matt Haynes owner of Filament Tattoo

Deluxe, you’ve made us a regional destination for tattoos … This has given us visibility that we never would have had before.

Matt Haynes
Filament Tattoo Co.

The Situation

In recent years, the market for tattoos has grown substantially. Since 2011, the number of adults with tattoos in the United States has increased by 40 percent – a trend that helped Filament Tattoo grow in its first two years in business. But with the population in Wabash, Indiana, hovering just north of 10,000 residents, Haynes realized he needed to appeal to clients outside of town to sustain his business during the slow months and keep his staff busy year-round.

Haynes knew that success on social media, and especially Facebook, was the key element needed to extend Filament’s reach past Wabash to the greater Midwest. However, like many businesses, Filament seemed to be experiencing diminished returns from its social media marketing efforts. Haynes connected with Deluxe in hopes of taking his Facebook marketing to the next level.

“We were reaching our immediate community, but we need to expand so we didn’t struggle in the slow months.” – Matt Haynes, owner, Filament Tattoo Co.

The Plan

Deluxe reviewed Filament’s Facebook presence and discovered the shop had acquired a significant number of business page likes – yet its reach was minimal. It has become increasingly difficult to reach fans of Facebook pages without spending money to promote posts or run targeted ads. Facebook’s algorithms prioritize content that users will find the most valuable, and brand page updates are low priority. Facebook ads can be very effective and much less expensive than traditional advertising.

Deluxe developed a strategy that used Facebook ads both to promote and grow the Filament Tattoo page, but also to create a thriving community with deeper connections than passively following a brand page.

The three-part strategy aimed to:

  • Invite the shop’s target customers to like Filament’s Facebook page by running highly targeted Facebook advertisements within the regional geography that Haynes wanted to reach .
  • Invite followers who liked Filament’s Facebook page to join a new Filament Facebook Group that provided unlimited reach
  • Allow Filament to build a regional community through that Facebook Group

The Process

Deluxe worked together with Filament to launch a three-step process supporting the new Facebook strategy.

Step 1: Creating the business page “Like” ads

Deluxe ensured that the imagery and ad copy used in Filament’s Facebook Ads were reflective of Filament’s business personality.

To reach the right audience, Deluxe created a custom audience that ensured advertisements were restricted to people who expressed interest in tattoos and lived in the targeted geographical area.

Filament Tattoo Facebook Ads

Step 2: Creating the Facebook Group

Facebook Groups differ from Facebook Business Pages. Business Pages are official profiles of entities (e.g., businesses, organizations, celebrities). Groups are places for people with common interests to gather and build community. Knowing how tight-knit the tattoo community is, Deluxe believed that a Filament Tattoo Group could be a place where the tattoo community came together. With that, Deluxe worked with Haynes to create the “Filament Tattoo Family” Facebook Group.

Filament Tattoo Family Facebook group

Step 3: Building a community of relevant members

The primary goal of the Filament Tattoo Family Facebook Group was to build a passionate, regionally targeted community of followers who love tattoos. Secondarily, the community was a place where Filament could build relationships with those who joined, and offer promotions and discounts, generating business through Facebook word of mouth. In order to achieve these goals, Deluxe needed to ensure that Filament was getting the right core audience into the Facebook Group.

As new people began to join the Filament Tattoo Family Group, Haynes leveraged his great personality to facilitate conversation between community members. He connected with the community by sharing about his business, life and passions. The community reciprocated by inviting their friends to join.

Filament Tattoo Facebook Ads sharing the group

The Results

Last year, Filament recorded a 34 percent increase in sales. In the first two months of 2017, the shop’s appointments were booked solid.

Deluxe helped Filament Tattoo’s Facebook page:
  • Grow its regionally relevant Facebook business page audience by 158 percent
  • Reach upwards of 47 percent of people on Facebook who were within 165 feet of the studio
  • Increase Facebook check-ins by 25 percent
Deluxe helped Filament Tattoo’s Facebook Group (Filament Tattoo Family Community):
  • Grow the community from 0 members to over 6,240 followers within the first three hours of the campaign
  • Grow the audience to include nearly 8,000 people, 63 percent more than its business page
  • Reach its community members anytime it wishes, without having to spend money on ads

Deluxe helped Filament Tattoo reach their goals by clearly understanding their business objectives, creating a strategy that aligned with those objectives and implementing tactics that drove results.

Filament Tattoo Facebook Post from customer.