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96% of shoppers have used a coupon in the last 3 months.

Reach them with Social Coupons

Deluxe Social Coupons combine the proven impact of coupons with the viral reach of social media – turning your social followers into paying customers. Attract and retain new customers, generate leads, and encourage purchases with Deluxe Social Coupon offers on Facebook.


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Your Social Coupon package includes:

Coupons delivered on all devices
  • A professionally designed, mobile-friendly coupon promotion that will encourage Facebook users to share and redeem a coupon offer
  • 4 social posts per month to promote your campaign
  • $50 worth of Facebook ad spend to drive traffic to your promotion
  • Email collection and submissions
  • Monthly reporting
  • 24/7 Support

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Social Coupons and your business

Did you know that customers often try new products by using a coupon first? Converting prospective buyers into actual customers is hard to do, but with Deluxe Social Coupons, we help translate clicks into sales. Deluxe Social Coupons help build customer loyalty by offering valuable incentives. They also generate leads, sales, and help spark a conversation about your brand on social networks like Facebook.

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What is a social coupon?

A Social Coupon is the digital version of a traditional coupon distributed on social networks like Facebook. Instead of finding coupons in a newspaper or in the mail, Deluxe's Social Coupons are distributed online and make it possible for businesses to reach customers wherever they are, at any time, across all devices.

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Why mobile matters

Customers are constantly on the go. Did you know that 4 out of 5 consumers use their smartphone to shop while out and about? With Deluxe's Social Coupons, you can attract and engage these customers with compelling offers. In fact, 70% of mobile searches lead to an action and providing incentives like Social Coupons increase your potential to convert a sale.

67% of US population with social network profile

Why social matters

People now spend more time on social networks than ever before and are influenced by what their peers say on Facebook. Deluxe Social Coupons help you promote your business, market your products and services, spark the conversation about your brand, and target customers with geographic and demographic advertising on Facebook.

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