Coupon Code

What is a Coupon Code?
A Coupon Code connects you to possible savings on products and services offered by Deluxe. In order to apply your special offer you must enter your Coupon Code on any page and click Apply. Your discounted price or special offer will be reflected throughout the site and pricing is automatically adjusted.

Where can I find my Coupon Code?
Your Coupon Code is a 5-6 character code printed on the back of your catalog, on postcards, emails, or other correspondence.

How do I Qualify?
To see if your Coupon Code is tied to a discount or special offer you must enter it on the site and click Apply. Each Coupon Code is tied to specific criteria and may be based on your order history. Once you have entered your Coupon Code, you will be given information and guidelines that state your eligibility.

What if I have more than one Coupon Code?
It's possible you received more than one special offer. However, only one Coupon Code can be used per order.