Revamped website serves up new business for Italian restaurant


After 25 years of owning and operating a successful Italian restaurant in Colorado, Chef Robert Angelaccio moved back to his hometown of Bristol Borough, Pennsylvania. He opened Annabella’s in 2003, bringing his passion for authentic, Old World cuisine back to the community where he was raised. Robert and his wife, Alison, take pride in making every dining experience memorable.

Allison Angelaccio

The new website is just fabulous and has already made a big difference.
Sales have been consistently running at 2x the pace year over year.

Alison Angelaccio

The Situation

Annabella’s is perfectly situated just steps from the popular Bristol Riverside Theatre, making it the place to dine before a show. When a play hits the main stage, Annabella’s is bustling. But in between productions, the restaurant is often empty. Struggling to weather the ebb and flow, the Angelaccios looked to Deluxe to help them fill the dining room all year round.

The Plan

The Deluxe team set out to make Annabella’s a destination in and of itself, instead of just a place across from the theatre. The primary opportunity was to build a new, mobile-friendly website for Annabella’s that would connect with more potential customers online and entice them to visit the restaurant.

The Process

With 84 percent of consumers looking at more than one restaurant before deciding where to dine, Annabella’s had to stand out. The Deluxe team worked hard to design a website that showcased just what made the restaurant so special.

Creating an inviting homepage

The team tackled the homepage first, adding professional, delicious-looking photos to entice online searchers to visit the restaurant. Important information was also prominently displayed to make it easy for people to find the restaurant, book a reservation and place an order for take-out.

New Homepage 

New home page

A mobile-friendly menu

The next order of business was to overhaul Annabella’s menu page. The old menu was a pdf and unreadable by search engines. And it couldn’t be displayed on small screens like smartphones and tablets: a big issue, given that 62 percent of diners are less likely to choose a restaurant if they can’t see the menu on their phone. To connect with customers on the go, the team transformed the online menu so it looked crisp and clear on every size screen.

annabella mobible menu

annabella mobible menu

Quick access to content customers crave

The team organized the website to make it easy for guests to find everything they needed.

An Hours & Special Events page connected visitors to highly sought-after information, including hours, location and theater dining tips. Information about catering services, drinks and the types of dishes on the menu was also made readily available.

Hours and Events 1

The team also added customer testimonials and the heart-warming story of Annabella’s to convey the personality and authenticity of the restaurant.

Hours and Events 2

The Results

Since the marketing changes have been implemented, the restaurant’s strong web presence has attracted more customers. More than 80 percent of diners who discovered Annabella’s website arrived by searching for local restaurants, suggesting the establishment is getting noticed by new customers.

Robert and Alison say that business has certainly increased: The sales numbers have exceeded the traffic the restaurant enjoyed when it first opened. And with more than 5,000 views of the mobile-friendly menu in the refreshed website’s first few months, it’s safe to say that business won’t be slowing down anytime soon.

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